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4 Easy Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting Your First Tattoo

4 Easy Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting Your First Tattoo

More and more people seem to be getting inked recently. I'm not sure if it's just a trend that the public is following — I mean, the watercolor tattoos definitely look cute! — or if it's all related to the self-love and body-positivity movement.

Last year, we showed you how temporary tattoos work. But if you're up for getting the permanent one, know that there are some really, really important things to consider before committing this irreversible act. 

And that's what we at Upsize are here for. *wink*

1. Why?

It is important to take some time to think about your reasons. Are you doing this because you envy your friends? Or maybe, you're trying to imitate your favorite celebrity?

Total Beauty

Total Beauty

Do you think a tattoo will help you be reminded of something, or someone, important to you? Do you think of it as a beauty statement? 

The reasons may vary. But the most important thing is to be sure that you're doing this for yourself — and not to get validation from your peers. 

2. What?

Before anything else, you have to decide what kind of tattoo you would like to get. Is it a quote from your favorite book or lyrics of a song? Is it an important date? Is it a symbol?

Whatever it may be, you have to think about it more than twice. Be sure it's something you truly want to be permanently etched on your skin and not something you'd only regret later in life. 


If the tattoo contains words or phrases, look up at the available fonts online and choose which one you like the most. Triple-check the spelling of every word, especially when you're getting inked with a French "c'est la vie" or anything similar.

Also, sure, getting matching tattoos with your boyfriend is pretty romantic and quite a bold testament of your love. But what if time comes when you two just fall out of love? That tattoo will be a constant reminder of your heartache, haunting you every single time you look at your skin. 


You wouldn't want to be like Angelina Jolie, who had her Brad-Pitt-related tattoos removed upon their shocking split. She got Brad's birthplace coordinates on her arm, and a matching design she had done on her back in Cambodia. Can you just imagine the hassle? 

Our suggestion: Find something that speaks to you deeply, something personal that has a special meaning for you. 


Like Demi Lovato's wrist tattoos, "Stay strong," which she says she had done not only to cover up her self-harming scars but also to remind her of her fans' support even when she was in rehab. 

3. Where?

Another important factor to consider is deciding which part of the body you want to get inked. 

Do you want your tattoo covered, like a secret only you and an intimate partner would know? Do you want to be able to show it to everyone you meet? 


Note, also, that every part of the body will have a different reaction to pain. Let's face it: yes, getting a tattoo is painful. But the level of pain will depend on which part of your body is actually getting inked. The pain in the process will also depend on your overall tolerance.

4. How?

Do you want it all black? Or would you want something colorful? These are things to consider, too. Although we now have a white ink tattoo, which looks so cool by the way, know that this is terribly difficult to pull off well. The maintenance can also be meticulous.

Some colors, too, are more prone to fading than other colors. Consider this before getting a rainbow watercolor tattoo. 

Most importantly, find a tattoo shop that is clean. You wouldn't want to get infected. Make sure that everything is fresh out of its package, not re-used or re-filled. 


Search for reviews online. Most tattoo artists will upload their work on social media. 

If you want something different from an ordinary tattoo, you can opt for more traditional methods, like that of the mambabatoks in Kalinga, who use natural materials. 

But before actually, and finally, getting inked, be 200% sure that this is something you want. Regrets won't help you when the inking process is done. 

Other than that, hooray for body love! 

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