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3 More Female Comics Superheroes You Should Probably Get to Know and Love

3 More Female Comics Superheroes You Should Probably Get to Know and Love

It has been a month or so since Infinity War premiered, and there's just no getting over this blockbuster!


With the events of the recent film potentially altering the landscape of Marvel's cinematic universe, now is the perfect time to rally behind a new breed of heroes. 

While superheroes are almost always equated to male dominance, there are actually smarter, stronger, and faster ladies who can pirouette around danger with such grace it'll make any villain think twice about their lives. It's not just Wonder Woman, y'all!

Here's a quick list of a new breed of female superheroes that we can all admire:

1. Carol Danvers a.k.a. Ms. Marvel

Marvel Studios

Ms. Marvel is one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel cinematic universe, easily rivaling Thor's strength and the Hulk's toughness, making her an essential ally in the fight against evil.This marvelous Marvel-Lass is slated to appear in her own film by 2019. 


2. Jessica Cruz, a.k.a. Green Lantern

Yes, there is a female Green Lantern in the DC Comics, and this gal wields the universe’s most powerful weapon, which can construct anything your mind can imagine and is only limited by its wielder’s will power.

Green Lantern-upsizeph.jpeg

Albeit being responsible for guarding an entire space sector, Jessica’s biggest battle is the one waging within her: anxiety.

Despite having the ability to clobber most villains with her ring, Jessica is often consumed by crippling anxiety to the point that getting out of bed becomes a herculean task. Of all the heroes, Jessica may be the most inspiring not because of her anxiety but of how she chooses to face her fears. 

3. Lunella Lafayette a.k.a. Moon Girl

Moon Girl is probably the smartest superhero in the Marvel Universe and, guess what, she’s only nine years old!

Her biggest asset in the fight against evil is her advanced intellect and a propensity in engineering gadgets, that not even the likes of Tony Stark or Reed Richards can match her wits.

Moon Girl-upsizeph.jpeg

So, who fights crime and saves the world? Girls!

*Post photo from GuysGirl.

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