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6 General DIY Trip Tips For Those Who Can't Stand Tours

6 General DIY Trip Tips For Those Who Can't Stand Tours

It’s already the middle of April and we hope that you’re doing something other than staying on the couch and watching Netflix. There are tons of places to be. Philippines’ more than 7,100 islands made sure that we’ll never run out of places to go to.

If, however, you think Philippines’ beaches are not cutting it for you, then you can always hop on a plane and be somewhere else.  If you’re going on a do-it-yourself trip, here are some things that you should bear in mind for your solo or group trips.

Prepare a plan.

The planning can always be part of the journey, and how fun would it be if the planning can be as enjoyable as the destination. In drafting your itinerary, research first the activities you want to do, the restaurants where you want to eat, and the attractions you want to visit.

This is to make sure that you’ll not miss out. You can consult travel blogs for the best things to do in the place of your choice... or don't! You can check out TripHobo, our favorite travel planning app, to help inspire you on what to do at your destination.

TripHobo is available for iOS and Android. You can create your itinerary here to have something to present to your next consular visit too.

Book your trip ahead.

If you’re going on a trip abroad, and money is an issue, be on the lookout for seat sales. Follow the airlines’ social media accounts, and subscribe to their newsletters. If the airline will open its discounted flight at April 9, you should already be online at April 8, 11 p.m.

Other than saving money, you will also be able to schedule your leaves and your work better if you book your trip early.

We love checking out our favorite Cheapflights and Tripmoba for the best deals in airfare.

Study the geography of the place.

Do not assume that all places have excellent transport system. You have to know the most efficient mode of getting around your destination. A strong internet connection is not also a given so don’t be so sure that you can rely on your GPS, buy a map just to be certain.

Off the beaten path destinations usually have the best views, but getting around is also usually a hassle.

Tune in to current events.

Yes, going to a not-too popular place sounds something that would be unforgettable. However, no matter how minimal the odds are, you have to know whether the place you’re going to is safe; be it from petty crimes or natural calamities. Don’t be caught off guard. Listen to the news.

Immerse yourself in the life and culture of the natives.

One of the good things at not being a part of a packaged tour is that you have the option of conducting your vacation the way you want it to. Make the most out of your trip and converse with the locals. You’re not being timed. You can immerse yourself in their customs and traditions as much as you want to.


Stay in a place where cleanliness, comfort, and proximity trump style.

In finding a place where you can stay, you only have to consider three things other than the price. Cleanliness should always be a priority. You won’t be able to relax if you keep on thinking about whether that comfort room is sanitary or not. Proximity should be next. As much as possible, you have to choose a hotel or an inn that is close to the places you’ll visit. You do not want to spend a lot of time travelling, if you have the option not to.

Does your hotel offer a free breakfast? Does it have a lot of good reviews? Your comfort is more important than whether your room is instagrammable. Though that would definitely be a perk.

Booking.com helps us find the best accommodation for our preferences. Maybe you can find what's perfect for you there too.

Travelling is good for the soul, and a trip that could test your limits is something that we all need. Make sure you get a dose of adventure before summer ends.


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