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What To Do When You've Got Nowhere To Go This Weekend

What To Do When You've Got Nowhere To Go This Weekend

Let's face it. Nearly everyone in your friends list is already either out of town or out of the country and here you are, just out of your room, sitting on your bum, and waiting for some sort of miracle wind that takes you away to somewhere.

BUT! No sister gets left behind! Don't slouch just yet and be so sad 'til the next work day. You still deserve that upsized life and we've got ideas for things to do for summer bummers like you.

Catch up on series

You've probably been hearing so much about Powerless and Supergirl and Riverdale and 13 Reasons Why. Stop telling your friends how cool you think Cole Sprouse is even if you haven't really seen the show (you just remember him from The Suite Life, cmon) and catch up! You have all the time in the world.

Master the art of Dolce Far Niente

Dolce Far Niente in Italian means "the sweetness of doing nothing". We got this from Eat, Pray, Love and does dolce far niente look so dolce good! 

Girl, you've been so busy with work we thought you were nearly collapsing! It's time you literally take a step back, breathe, let go of all your stresses and just be. Indulge yourself with some peace and quiet and literally do nothing. Enjoy the world around you. You might just be surprised.

Learn how to do makeup on YouTube

This is probably the perfect time to stay away from social media just so you don't get so deep into stalking your traveling friends. Go deep in YouTube makeup tutorials instead and maybe you'd actually find your online "makeup guru". 

This can be so satisfying you won't even notice the time.

Clean your room

When was the last time you did? I can't even remember the last time I cleaned mine. Maybe it's time to rearrange your room a bit for a breath of fresh environment. Cleaning your room can be fun too! Maybe you'd get to find relics from 3 years ago or something.

Get some Zs

You've been working back to back to back lately cause for some reason, everyone's too excited with their trips that they all rush to get things done before the holidays come. So here you are with excess baggage eyebags. Get some sleep, hun. C'mon. Go. Just sleep.

Meet up with a friend who didn't leave town

I mean, chances are, you have at least one friend who didn't go somewhere. A summer bummer just like you! Go meet somewhere and catch up. Maybe make future travel plans! 

Spend time with family

No plans doesn't necessarily mean no plans. You've got your family - go spend time with them too! Take them to dinner out or maybe head to the beach! 

Catch up on your Upsize read

By now we hope you noticed that we post almost everyday at 11:30 in the morning. But since you're for some reason didn't RSS, you missed out on some of our really awesome stories. Feel free to scroll through our stories and maybe find some inspiration so you have more things that you can do when you've got no plans.

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