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7 Places Where You Can Travel Alone This 2017

7 Places Where You Can Travel Alone This 2017

Traveling is sometimes best experienced alone when all you have to think about is yourself. This leads to self-discovery and a whole lotta exploration time. You are not pressured to wake up early and keep on track of a certain itinerary because you have all the time to wander about on your own.

Of the tons of places to go, we’ve collated 7 places where traveling alone doesn’t equate to being lonely. It might even be a perk! 

Sagada, Benguet

If there’s a place up north where you’ll find solace (apart from Baguio, that is), it’s the quiet town of Sagada in Benguet. This quaint little town was made famous by the awe-inspiring sunrise amidst a sea of clouds in Mt. Kiltepan.

Soul searching is never really fun, but in the middle of caves, hanging coffins, mist, and the cold, you’ll be surprised how much Sagada could change your perspective in life and in travels.


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If there’s a city in the Philippines that has a well-meshed approach when it comes to nature and technology, it would be Cebu City.

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This Visayan city has one of the best beaches, an historical destination, and a populace that thrives on tourists and travellers, making it your next ideal destination.

Kyoto, Japan

If there’s a place that rivals the stunning glamor of Tokyo, it is the quiet beauty and peace in Kyoto. Thousands of shrines and temples will more than compensate for the lack of nightclubs in this small Japanese prefecture.

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Walk the Fushimi Inari. Sigh at the elegance of the Kinkakuji temple. Snap a pic of the imposing Kiyomizu-dera. Kyoto will remind you that there’s something to be said about the subtle courage that allowed you brave the trip alone. 

Vigan, Ilocos Sur

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Road trip is fun especially with great music and roads well-paved for adventures. You might be alone but if you blast a Little Mix song, an Eraserheads classic, or even a One Direction hit, the road trip might just be more than bearable. And the adventure to Vigan starts right there on the highway.

Yes, you’ll see the UNESCO heritage site of Calle Crisologo, the dreamlike quality of Mindoro beach, the imposing Bantay belfry and feel the presence of old Spanish era, but more than this worth visiting sites, it’s Vigan in its entirety that would make you want to come back one more time.


I know you’ve noticed that Batanes has been consistently in every list of must-visit places. The reason exceeds its dazzling hills, crystal blue waters, famous lighthouse, and the Honesty store.

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The air fare to this little gem might be gold, but the fun, the view, and the experience are priceless.


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This prosperous city-state is close to home which makes it an ideal trip if you want to go solo.

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A lot of sights to see, a new culture to discover, tons of different food to sate your appetite for a gastronomic adventure makes Singapore a must-visit.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Yes, Bangkok and Phuket are delightful, but if you want a place that’s conducive for a solo trip, Chiang Mai in Thailand would definitely be an experience.

The perfect time to visit would be November when they hold festivals that is one for the books.

The world is your oyster. Do not let fear stop you from finding your bliss. To quote Louis Prima, “Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think. Enjoy yourself, while you’re still in the pink.”



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