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Less-Than-Five-Minute Hairstyles to Keep You Cool and Fab This Summer

Less-Than-Five-Minute Hairstyles to Keep You Cool and Fab This Summer

If there's anything annoying during the summer, it's the intense heat that sometimes leaves us no choice but to put our hair up.

But this season shouldn't be an excuse to always have that good ol' boring bun that pulls your brains out, why not try some of these rad hairstyles for a cool and fab summer get up.

Loose Curls

Short hair is much easier and faster to style. Grab your curler and tend to your hair giving each batch of strands just about 3 to 5 seconds at high heat to sit so it doesn't curl so much. Tousle your hair after curling to achieve an effortless look. 

So chic!

Sea Salt Spray-ed

Keep things effortlessly chic by spraying your hair with some sea salt concoction and scrunching it from the ends. Avid Upsize readers would know that our favorite is the Lush Sea Spray that makes your hair nice and tousled while keeping it smelling so nice!

Go Short!

It's way too hot for you? Go short! Chop off your hair and werk that look! Remember to always seek advice from your stylist to get the perfect cut that compliments your face shape. 

Having a new do for the season, you can also play around with accessories to compliment your look.

Messy Half Bun

Simply grab the top half of your hair, tease the back of that hair a little to have some volume and do a ponytail but stop halfway to get this look.

The Top Braid

To do this look, simply grab hair from the top of your head and do a french braid (like you're gonna do a half bun). Secure your braid with a hair tie. Comb the other half of your hair that's put down and that's it!


Stay true to the effortless vibe and simply grab chunks of your hair and tease it from below to achieve this look if you have thin hair. If you have think hair, spray a little bit of hairspray and scrunch your hair from the bottom.

This is still perfect for the summer because you can werk your hair and keep things airy on your scalp as well.

Scarf + a Messy Half Bun

As seen on The-Simple-Life-Era Nicole Richie. It's super chic and easy. Make sure you grab a nice, colorful scarf that is not super silky so it doesn't move so much on your head. If not, use hair pins.

Million-Dollar-Baby Braids

Perfect to keep your hair off your face and keep things tidy! We've personally tried this style and we loved it. Sometimes we pair it with a scarf to keep things fun.

Mermaid Not-So-Fish Tail

It's tough to make fish tails sometimes and since this is a less-than-five-minute hairstyle list, we're ticking it off especially for our longhaired folks. 

With this look, simply gather all your locks to the side and braid it as usual. Then, gently tug on the sides of the braid as well as the top of your head to make things a bit loose. 

Scarfed Bun

To get the same big bun as the photo, tie your hair into a ponytail, use a large donut* for your hair, and use the donut accordingly. Then wrap your head with a scarf into a headband.

If you don't want to use a donut, simply make a messy bun and wrap a scarf. Done!

*Here's a donut tutorial for ya in case you don't know how to use one yet.


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