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7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Get Bummed That You Don't Have Plans This Long Weekend

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Get Bummed That You Don't Have Plans This Long Weekend

Seriously right now, I’m like 8/10 bummed that you and me have no plans this long weekend. I mean, just quit scrolling through your Facebook and Instagram feed. You’re friends are out on the beach too - yeah, we get it. Whoopdeedoo. But you literally just had time off today since, luckily, you don’t have office today. 

Then again, you find yourself waking up later than usual and having a really late breakfast. You see yourself in the mirror - well-rested, crusts in your eyes but with healthier skin.

And then you realize that today you’ve got nowhere to go. So instantly you get bummed and decide to maybe hmm.. check on your work email.

Let me stop you right there! Here are reasons why you should not get bummed that your lazy, tired ass is stuck at home for the long weekend.

1. There will be moderate to heavy traffic because of the ASEAN summit.

See, you love hanging out around Makati. But the ASEAN summit somehow manages to close off some roads there. So why bother going out, right? You’d probably be spending more hours stuck inside your Uber than actually enjoying your destination.

2. It’s way too hot for crazies.

Our temperature is reaching 32 degrees! Are you seriously planning to go out in jeans? Even in your light, flowy skirt your thighs start sweating so bad. Is it worth it? No. Don’t even think about it.

3. Wanna hit the beach? There’s surely a lot of people in every possible beach you can think of.

It’s the Labor Day long weekend - people are flocking to Boracay. A lot of people are in Palawan, Cebu, Davao, and surely, Batangas, La Union and wherever else beach that is popular with the tourists. Are you sure you want to travel all the way there only to find out that there are no more available accommodations and you can’t even enjoy the place cause there are too much people? Nopesy-nope.

4. Itching to fly out of the country? The airport is a headache right now.

Reason number 2 brought about by the ASEAN summit. If you wanted to leave the country, you should’ve gone like, last week before security heightened and before everybody else decided to also leave for the weekend. But that means filing leaves at work and you just can’t do that. Also, news says flights WILL SURELY be delayed. 

But look at that, your home. Awesome.

5. You have a lot of time on your hands.

Your room needs cleaning but you’ve been putting it aside for weeks cause you’ve been so busy. You need to catch up on your favorite series. There’s a movie you want to see and now you can finally go see it. There’s so much to do that you’re actually just realizing now.

6. You can just stay in bed all day.


7. You deserve some rest.

Going on a “holiday” or simply going out requires energy that you probably have very little right now. Just take a breather. Have some rest. You’ve been working so hard these past weeks and deserve a good dolce far niente in the comfort of your home. 

Your bed misses you. So stay in and be 15/10 happy that you can finally just be home. We’re with you on this.



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