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18 Possibly Doable Resolutions for 2018

18 Possibly Doable Resolutions for 2018

Here we are on the last few days of 2017, waiting for this crazy year to end to start with another. What better way to spend the remaining days that planning out how to make your 2018 a bit more exciting. You may hate planning but hey, things in the world work that way.

Pretty sure you've heard of the saying, "Life is what you make it". And it's too damn true. So how about living the life you want and deserve next year?


Instead of going through your past list of resolutions which you never managed to complete anyway, how about just stick to five things you can actually do? 

We've gathered a list of 18 pretty doable resolutions for 2018. Now it's up to you to tick them all or just pick a bit for yourself!

1. Travel to at least 2 countries (alone or with some people)


Okay, this doesn't even have to be somewhere far. There are so much beautiful countries around Southeast Asia you can visit. How about spending a long weekend at a country where you don't need a visa? Perhaps even revisit a country you've already been to and see other sights or celebrate a local festival in a different nation. 

Bangkok, Thailand / Lonely Planet

Limit this to at least 2. That's pretty doable, right? 

2. Travel to at least 2 local destinations (also alone or with some people)


Can't find time and resources to go out of the country? Then head out of the city. The Philippines is very boastful of its abundant picturesque locations you've probably never gone to. 

Matnog, Sorsogon / Youtube

Again, we're limiting this to 2 destinations just so its still doable but also adventurous, knowwhatamsayin?

3. Save up and stick to your budget.


Let's me say this - whether you like it or not, have at least 2 bank accounts. One for your income and spendables and another for your savings. Every month or every cutoff or every however-else-you-get-your-money, save up a portion and transfer it to your other bank account. This way, you won't be tempted to make it rain and keep on spending. Stick to this and maybe at the end of the year, you'd be surprised at how much you saved up.

Financial Tribune

If you've got a credit card though, that's another story. I don't think we've got any other advice than don't go over the top and always pay before your deadline so the banks don't charge you.

4. Listen to the golden classics of music


Think, Stevie Wonder or Prince or Ella Fitzgerald or Tony Bennett. Perhaps even go beyond and listen to some Bach and Beethoven and Vivaldi. Modern music is fantastic, don't get me wrong. But nothing beats the classics. 

You might just find jazz or blues to be a favorite - you'll never know. Plus, knowing more about music is also a good conversation starter.

5. Invest in good makeup


If you're an avid Upsize reader, you'd know how much we just freaking love makeup and all things beauty. We can go from drugstore to luxe and everything else in between but how about investing in at least one good luxe product.

Charlotte Tilbury

Maybe get yourself a Charlotte Tilbury piece or that Dior foundation you've always dreamed of. It could last you the whole year anyway or even longer.

6. Finish your existing beauty products and PLEASE clean your brushes

As much as you're investing in the good luxurious products, we're sure somehow you've still got tons of products lying around just waiting to hit pan. Give those products some love and make sure you squeeze to the last bit of that primer tube before you start spending nonsense on new ones.

Everyday Minerals

Also, clean your brushes. Yep, we see you. If you can't do it per week, at least do it twice a month. Just look at that filthy beauty blender. You won't want breakouts, right?

7. Learn how to properly do your makeup (at least your eyebrows and lips)

Reigning queen of 2017, Rihanna, once said that lips well done give the illusion that your whole look is well done even if it's not. This coming 2018, don't settle for those messy, bushy eyebrows and chappy lips. There are tons of beauty vloggers on YouTube you can watch to learn. 

There's nothing wrong with makeup. You are beautiful and makeup was invented to highlight those gorgeous features of yours. Ultimately, practice makes perfect so maybe try doing your own eyebrows and lips every time you have to leave the house.

8. Learn something new everyday

You can watch some videos (we're currently loving Great Big Story on YouTube) or read some Upsize! We post stories everyday!

9. Do not feel guilty about spoiling yourself once in a while

You've been working so hard and you deserve a break or a new thing. Eat a cake after a continuous gym sesh, reward yourself with a spa day after a whole week of overtime at work, or get your hair done simply cause it already looks like cable wires. 


You deserve it.

10. Start feeling free and confident in your sexuality

What a time to be alive, amirite? These days, there are so much information available to every woman about our bodies. Unladylike lady icons are rising to the top reminding us that there's no shame in feeling sexy, that there's no shame in making yourself attractive for whoever or even just for yourself. There's no shame in wanting to feel pleasure as a woman.


The more you feel confident on your own skin, the more you feel free and beautiful. This may be scary and a step out of some women's comfort zones but do it and take baby steps.

11. Start supporting local, eco-friendly products

I personally did this in 2017 and let me tell you something: I might not be going back. Who knew these social enterprises produced world class, high quality products! Even most of my friends are always asking me about the hand sanitizer I use - it's Messy Bessy, btw. 

Messy Bessy

There are local finds available on BeautyMNL and even on kiosks in malls. Not only will you be getting good, affordable products, you're helping and giving work to other people too!

12. Wake up early and make your bed

This is probably the most difficult resolution in this list. Waking up is no joke especially if you're tired or is a night owl who sleeps at like, 5am. Did you know that your body changes depending on the amount of sleep you had? Make your bed time 1am latest or better yet, at least 11pm. Nothing beats waking up early and being productive in a day. Remember, time is a luxury not everyone can afford.


And speaking of being productive, big bosses and psychologists can attest that making your bed after waking up gives you a head start on being productive for the whole day. It should be the first thing on your to do list the moment you wake up. It somehow tricks your brain into getting things done. It's free and actually really easy to do so why not?

13. Invest in some good material things


Could be a bag, a pair of shoes, a piece of clothing, an apartment or whatever. Invest in a good one instead of purchasing just a piece of fast fashion. It may be a bit pricey, sure but this product will last nearly forever. Just make sure that whatever it is you're buying, it's a good investment.

14. Do at least one act of charity

You could go as drastic as donating your hair to cancer patients or donating some old clothes or food to a local charity. It doesn't have to be a big act. You're always crossing paths with that barefoot kid selling sampaguita on your way home, why not give them food and slippers instead of giving them loose change?


Helping others is also innate to us humans. Plus, it feels crazy good to see how you're making other people happy! Be selfless.

15. Learn how to plan


How about starting by picking a few resolutions to do from here? Or get yourself a planner or a notebook or even just setup your online syncing calendar. There are tons of apps and resources you can use but whatever you'll be using, make sure this item helps you feel productive and inspired to plan. Spontaneous things happen to us all the time but you can't always head to war without packing on some bullets.

16. Enjoy the lazy days


Sometimes there's just nothing left to do so you're just lying there thinking about random things and itching to be busy. Well, just stop. Eat Pray Love introduced us to the concept of 'dolce far niente' or the sweetness of doing nothing. Do that. The Italians have a word for that for a reason.

17. Stop hating on social media

You may or may not be commenting some not very nice things on even the most random posts. How about start spreading 'Love' or 'Wow' reactions for a change. If there's a page or a person you feel doesn't send you good vibes online, unfollow them. 


We'd count this resolution as a 'stay positive and be nice' item but let's all be honest, we're spending more than half of our days on social media. Share the love there.

18. Finish a book


Finish a series is easy, finishing a book can be a challenge. You can start with finding a genre that you like and looking for a good author in that genre. Our advice is go to a bookstore and get your first book. Finishing reading can be very addicting. Next thing you know, you're hanging out over at book sale... Like us

What are your possible and doable new year's resolutions for 2018? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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