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Wedding Themes You Can Surely Pull Off On Your Special Day

Wedding Themes You Can Surely Pull Off On Your Special Day

Time flies so swiftly! Before we know it, the year 2017 is already almost halfway over.

As we enter the month of white laces and promises, we cannot let the opportunity pass without discussing an important element in weddings that tend to be overlooked: the colors!

Sure, brides-to-be are more likely to be in charge of all the nitty-gritty details, but we at Upsize believe that a lifelong partnership should entail a balance between the femininity and the masculinity in a relationship. And this “balance” has to extend even in the seemingly unnoticeable details.

Here are some theme ideas if you're tying the knot with bae this year:


Nothing beats the traditional white and black formal ensemble. The combination is timely and classy, and it goes with almost anything.

You can spice things up a little by using as an alternative ivory white, champagne, and cooler hues of grey. Make a statement by adding a touch of bold red or a unique choice of plum.


Don’t go too far when trying to decide on the perfect wedding colors. Relish the fresh and zesty Pantone color of the year, and mix it with vibrant yellow, blush pink or rose gold.


For a couple that enjoys stargazing or beach bumming, nothing beats the calmness of navy blue. Pair this with white and sprinkle gold, and it will definitely turn up elegant, without isolating either of the genders.


More recently, natural shades have become common in events. But this does not automatically mean ordinary. Shades of cream and wood brown, with a dash of tangerine or burgundy, can look minimalistic yet dashing at the same time!

Ultimately, however, the choice will depend on you and your partner. It can be an exquisite mix of your favorite colors or random choices of pastels. Whatever floats your boat. The important thing is to cherish every moment on your special day!

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