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What is a Setting Spray and Do You Actually Even Need One?

What is a Setting Spray and Do You Actually Even Need One?

We talk about lipsticks, eyeshadows, contour kits, and foundations but rarely do we ever talk about setting sprays.

Perhaps setting sprays are one of the few hidden secrets of the makeup addiction world but is it worth it to invest in one or simply even just get one?

Primers are one story cause you'll instantly see the effect. Put after skin care routines and prior to slapping your face with some makeup, primers definitely take effect cause you'd see the product actually covering your humongous pores.

The ones we've tried are Maybelline's Baby SkinBenefit Cosmetics' POREfessional Face Primer, and Nyx's Angel Veil. And to be honest these are our faves too.




But what's the whole deal with setting sprays when it's basically just like...water?

But it's not! There's so much ingredients that make up a setting spray but how do these things actually lock up your makeup?

We're no scientists but we'd like to guess that it's perhaps mainly because of the water. It's probably like, 80% water anyway. But mixed with several other ingredients, it probably triggers the chemicals keeping your face in place.

Have you heard of the Korean beauty hack Jamsu?

Jamsu is basically the process of dunking your face in water with ice after putting on foundation. There are several reviews on it online claiming it to be effective. Based on our presumptions, this is because anything cold makes your pores contract. With your foundation in place, Jamsu-ing your face holds your makeup in cause your pores close while there's makeup on it. 

Get the idea?

Our point is, perhaps the setting spray works the same way - less the ice and the intense amount of water and the pain.

We don't know if you experience the same thing but sometimes (especially when you've got good makeup on), your makeup looks better after your face sweats.

So are setting sprays actually worth it? Maybe. Do you need one? Yes.

Cause in some magical way, it works. 

We've tried several setting sprays like Nyx's Matte Makeup Setting Spray in Matte and Urban Decay's Chill Makeup Setting Spray.



So far we're loving Nyx's cause aside from the fact that it actually holds, it's really cheap! You can get it at any SM Beauty section that holds the brand (try SM Mall of Asia and SM Makati) We're getting really good feedback on our makeup when we have it on which makes beating our face in the morning so worth it.

This is the perfect time to know about these little drops of heaven cause they're really helpful in keeping your face werking even if you've endured a crazy, hot day.

What are your favorite setting sprays? Tell us about them!

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