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Asian Beauty Secrets to Keep You Feeling Light This Holiday Season

Asian Beauty Secrets to Keep You Feeling Light This Holiday Season

Beauty through makeup is a wonderfully put subjective concept that has more often than not, positively driven women towards empowerment and self-confidence. 

While the rise of the Western models generally becomes the trending epitome of beauty through makeup of this generation, Asian techniques are not to be put aside.

Specifically, Japanese and Korean girls are considered advanced beyond their years in terms of beauty. They were using cushion compacts years before we discovered them.


They made the 10-step beauty regimen seem like a must. Korean and Japanese stars made us yearn for luminous and glowing skin even when we knew it was all makeup.

Thanks to Hallyu and the Internet, the beauty secrets of Japanese and Korean beauties are no longer secrets. Here are some that we shouldn't live without to keep our skin radiant and fresh this cold holiday season:




This is a liquid substance whose place in the beauty regimen is somewhere in between the toner and serum. What does it do? It adds moisture to the skin. Other girls skip the toner and go straight to the serum. A skin care product invented by Koreans, essence 



Think of the serum as the more potent sister of your moisturizer. If you have oily skin, you can skip the moisturizer for daytime. Japanese girls use different serums to address different skin concerns. For example, they use an anti-acne serum to address blemishes and a whitening one for dark spots.

Cleansing Powder


Several years ago, someone have me a container that contained powder granules. I wondered what they were until a Japanese friend they were for cleaning the face. I thought the powder would be rough and grainy but it melted when in contact with water and my skin. This is great for traveling because you can transfer some of the contents to a smaller container.

Charcoal Powder


Activated charcoal powder is not only used for baking cakes and making ice cream but also in face washes and toothpaste. Charcoal has whitening and purifying properties because of its carbon content. Soaps with activated charcoal help fight breakouts.

Double or Triple Cleansing


The Japanese and Koreans first take off their makeup with cleansing oil. This is followed by a creamy cleanser. This method guarantees that every bit of makeup is taken off. After this, the face is thoroughly cleansed with lukewarm water.

Proper Diet

I read somewhere that Koreans like chicken wings because they believe the collagen in chicken joints helps their diet. The Korean diet is nutritious and rich in nutrients. You are what you eat and it shows in their skin. The Japanese diet is rich in fish, soya and pickled vegetables. It is considered one of the healthiest in the world.

Sheet masks



A sheet mask, which is applied twice a week by Korean and Japanese beauties, is like a serum. It is filled with face-friendly ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamins. Sheet masks are said to outperform serums in terms of potency. The ingredients, which are in water phase, penetrate deep into the skin because of the sheet.


Have you tried any Asian beauty regimen? Tell us about it!

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