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Getting to Know the Boys of Dunkirk

Getting to Know the Boys of Dunkirk

The Christopher Nolan film "Dunkirk" is based on the evacuation of British soldiers during World War II.

But admit it, one of the reasons why we watched the movie was former One Direction member and beloved rockstar, Harry Styles.

The movie, touted to be Nolan's best to date, also featured several interesting (and might we add, good-looking actors). Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance and Cillian Murphy are also part of the dominantly male cast. Duh, it's a war movie and, in those days, women didn't fight in the frontlines.

Styles, by the way, played the part of Alex, a soldier that Tommy (Fionn Whitehead) rescues from a sinking ship.


Here are some of the boys from "Dunkirk:"

Barry Keoghan (George)

Keoghan plays George, a young civilian who  tags along on a boat from Britain to Dunkirk. He has been in a number of independent films like "71."


Tom Glynn-Carney (Peter)

Carney plays Peter, the son of a mariner, who also tags along on the boat journey toward Dunkirk to assist in the resue efforts. He has been in two episodes of the British drama "Casualty." He is part of a war-themed BBC series called "The Last Post."

Tom Glynn-Carney (left) and Cillian Murphy (right) in Dunkirk / Indiewire

Fionn Whitehead (Tommy)

Whitehead plays Tommy, a soldier trying to flee Dunkirk and return home.

Aside from "Dunkirk," Whitehead has starred in miniseries called "HIM."

Before he was cast for "Dunkirk," Whitehead said in an interview he was just an aspiring actor who went to auditions whenever he wasn't working at the coffee shop in London.

LA Times

Jack Lowden (Collins)

Lowden plays a pilot flying around Dunkirk to take out enemy planes. He was part of the recent TV adaptation of "War & Peace," and like Keoghan, was also in "71."


Catch Dunkirk in a cinema near you!

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