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Our Favorite Instagram #FeedGoals and #FeedTips

Our Favorite Instagram #FeedGoals and #FeedTips

In this age of social media and photo filters, you're probably spending a significant portion of your waking hours stalking Instagram accounts with aesthetics that make you green with envy. 

So, how will you convert your personal profiles into the ultimate IG #feedgoals? We at Upsize offer you a few tips:

Stick to a theme

When clicking on a user profile, the first thing we see is the overall grid. It's easy to follow accounts that have a cohesive theme because you know exactly what you're getting. Think about your interests. If you enjoy dressing up — well, who doesn't? — maybe an OOTD and fashion account suits you well. 

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If you're a certified coffee addict, maybe a caffeine-inspired feed with warm, earth colors is right for you! By endeavoring to stick to a theme that is so you, you're not only showing the world the beauty that is you, but also pushing yourself to experiment and try new things!

Our IG peg: @juanaccastaneda, who brings her fashion style with her whenever she explores the different provinces of the country!

Minimalistic and white

A trick to make your Instagram grid look sleek and clean is to make it minimalistic. Before you say another word, let us get this straight: Nope, minimalism doesn't mean boring! What it entails is the use of a lot of negative space, which gives your photos an area to "breathe," and a bit of desaturation, where whites are almost washed out and contrasts are not as harsh.

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Our IG peg: @canarygrey, who photographs a variety of subjects but keeps a layout that's not too heavy on the eyes.

Go line by line

If you're not as willing to sacrifice your entire Instagram account — removing images that just don't blend well with the others — thinking in threes, or multiples of three, might be good for you. With this, you don't have to consider selecting and keeping a particular aesthetic for the rest of your profile. Instead, exploit the wonders of the Instagram 3x3 layout, and use a coherent theme only for every three images.

Our IG peg: @jaye.wolf, who, aside from being an eye candy, tells a different story in every line of his feed!


Some people wouldn't want to share much of their personal lives — and, uhm, selfies — on social media, and that's perfectly understandable. Whatever floats your boat, right? Well, if you're one of those people, you might want to consider posting your hobbies instead! Fond of calligraphy? It's time to dedicate an account for this interest! With the proper hashtags, you'll find plenty of followers and likers in no time.

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Our IG peg: @junedigann, whose feed also serves as a portfolio of her lettering and watercolor art.

You do you

Essentially, there are no strict rules! Post whatever you like: be it an awkward mix of nature, fitness, pets, and selfies. After all, a well-curated social media feed does not always mean a meaningful life. 

What matters most is how you make the most of your days! Keep on posting!

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