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A 5-day Mothers' Day Treat Plan

A 5-day Mothers' Day Treat Plan

You might think you have the hardest job in the world, what with all the stress of paperwork and having to get along with the new boss. But nothing beats the busy-ness (and the fulfillment) that comes with being a mother.

If you've got all caught up with all the political hullabaloo and the breaking news that is Ed Sheeran's concert that you've forgotten about the upcoming Mother's Day, don't worry. We at Upsize got your back!

And because we love to upsize all things possible, we're upsizing this celebration too! Why just celebrate for a day when you can treat the mom in your life the way she best deserves to be treated. 

Whether you're celebrating the day with your dearest mom, or your sister who happens to be a first-time mother, you'll find the perfect gift idea from this guide.

Monday: A day in the spa

She wakes up the earliest in the household to prepare breakfast for everybody, and she almost always sleeps late because she can't relax knowing someone in the family has yet to get home. Add a hectic schedule of chores in between. 

Surely, there is no better way to show some loving to your everyday hero than giving mom some pampering.

Take her to an all-expense paid trip to your favorite wellness center. Maybe it's time to finally try that hydrotherapy massage at the Ace Water Spa or a fabulous day at The Spa. She will definitely appreciate that well-deserved respite!

Tuesday: Some home-cooked meals

She has fed and cared for you even before you were born. You're most probably still relying on her every now and then for life advice. It's time to show your mom the kind of woman she raised you to be by helping her do some household chores, or even do the cooking for her. 

If you're not as skilled as your mother in the kitchen, find easy recipes online. We're sure your mom will appreciate the effort that came with the dish.

Wednesday: Yoga class

It's been years of painstakingly putting the house in order, selflessly cutting down expenses for herself, just so the children could have more. Now, it's time to turn things around. 

Bring your mom to a yoga class. Not only will this activity keep her fit, but yoga will also help calm her mind and keep her from needless anxieties. Our suggested classes: vinyasa, yin, or gentle flow yoga. Check out Yoga Manila or Urban Ashram Yoga - best if you can join her and bond over calmness.

Thursday: Eye mask party

If you're somehow out of cash, you can easily drop by some shops and find a cutely designed eye mask. This will mean a better night's sleep for women with the toughest job in the world. 

As a bonus tip, look for gel eye masks. They can be cooled in the refrigerator and, when used, will have a soothing effect on Mom's tired eyes. Plus, it will also reduce the bags under her eyes — you would probably buy a matching gel eye mask for yourself! 

Skinlite Collagen Eye Zone Mask (Php 100), available at Beauty MNL

My Scheming Lifting Black Eyes Mask (Php 80), available at Beauty MNL

Friday: A personal gift

Remember how, when you were a kid, you would scribble hearts and I love yous on random pieces of paper and give them to your mother? She probably keeps those notes. Nothing beats a gift that has a personal touch. 

A timeless gift includes a card with a heartwarming message. But don't be content with just signing your name in a Hallmark card that you bought from the bookstore. Spare ten minutes and really think things through. Pour your heart out and relish the unspoken gratitude in your heart. 

After all, Mom has devoted her every day to you. What's just one day when you'll make her feel the most special? 

There's Nothing Ordinary About The Ordinary

There's Nothing Ordinary About The Ordinary

Happy Mothers' Day!

Happy Mothers' Day!