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The Upsized Coldplay Experience

The Upsized Coldplay Experience

Last 04 April, Manila was (literally and figuratively) shook as world-renowned rock band Coldplay graced our beautiful land with their colorful music.



Everyone wanted tickets for it including us. But we wanted it to give the opportunity to our most beloved readers and followers and so we did. Upsize picked two gold tickets ripe for the taking as soon as the ticket selling was open and waited to the very last minute to hand it over to the lucky winner.


We had simple rules: Follow Upsize PH on Instagram and Facebook, like and share the Upsized Coldplay Experience photo telling us what AHFOD song is their favorite and why with our hashtag, and tag a friend and make sure your friend "loved" your post.


We really had this in mind because we wanted our readers and followers to have the chance to watch Coldplay and upsize their experience so we threw in an Uber ride and 1000 pesos worth of GCs to the deal.



So on 29 March, Upsize finally got one lucky winner (and a friend) shook too! 

Annalyn Reyes was first to be picked by the electronic raffle. But to make things fair for everyone who exerted effort in actually following our mechanics correctly and carefully, we had to double-checked. Upon seeing that she didn't exactly follow (she didn't write down her favorite AHFOD song and why), we rolled the raffle again and got Mackii Faustino!


Here's her story:

It still feels like a dream, so surreal.

Up until this day, I never thought that I would see and hear Coldplay live. I started listening and loving Coldplay when I was still in high school with “Yellow” as their most popular song. So when I knew that they would have a concert in Manila, I was so excited. However, tickets got sold out in just a day and from that moment, I know that I would just be relying from my friends’ posts and snaps! Haha. Weeks before their concert, a friend of mine told me about the #UpsizedColdplay experience by Upsize PH, so I took the chance and made sure that I did every instructions. There’s no harm in trying, right?

I can still remember how I felt when I knew that I won. I was on my way home from work when I was tagged in a post, I cannot contain my happiness and excitement!! #ThankYouGod aaaah. 

The day of the concert came. From the moment I woke up until going to work, I was listening to their AHFOD album (doing some pre-concert haha). I can’t even concentrate at work because of excitement haha!! When we got into the concert grounds, I just do not know what I will feel ☹ it’s pure happiness, nervousness and excitement. The concert started, it was pure bliss! They sang “A Head Full of Dreams” as their first song and all I got were goosebumps.

My most favorite part was when they played “Ink” which was not usually in their setlist. This is for a beloved fan who was diagnosed with cancer, stage 4, months before their concert. It was very emotional that every time it crosses my mind, I get sad with goosebumps. 

It was all magical and colorful. Thank you, Upsize PH for giving me the opportunity to experience an adventure for a lifetime!!!

“And if we’ve only got this life, in this adventure, oh then I want to share it with you.”

How else can we upsize your life? Let us know. We'd love to hear your stories.

*Photos provided are snapped by Mackii Faustino.

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