Hey there! Welcome to Upsize PH.

UPSIZE PH is Not For Sale

UPSIZE PH is Not For Sale

Alright, alright. Ladies, we have to set things straight.

Upsize PH is a website/blog that creates content to inspire and empower women. We are women for women who aims to forge a community of strong, independent ladies who are not afraid to do what they want to do, stand for the right principles, and embrace who they truly are.

We're a pretty social group who embraced the power of technology and social media (check us on Facebook and Instagram)

We are in no way selling whatever product (at least as of the moment). We only share stories of products we love to use that upsizes and upgrades our experiences.

Basically, Upsize PH = Upgrade Life

However, we've been getting some funny messages from the ladies. And mind ya, it's from all over the world. We get bombarded with messages. We're basically global, y'all. I mean,

Bonjour hon hon baguette

WE'VE INFILTRATED COLOMBIA! Totally hoped she understood my response cause we didn't think of running her message through Google Translate at this point.

It's been a game of Challenge-Your-Spanish skills so thank goodness some of our local ladies came into play and started inquiring too.

But.. but.. *tear*

So by now we're definitely sure these girls are just talking about a different "Upsize"

We also got short but sweet e-mails entered from our site's contact page. This time, we've conquered France.

But alas, another one of our own who decided she didn't need the bust cream cause she's a beautiful woman to begin with anyway.

We're sharing these messages with all of you guys out there not to shame these women. They're basically just trying to buy enlargement bust creams and that's totally no biggie! It's not a problem cause we think it's okay. It's your life yada yada... Our usual "if that makes you happy, go for it and don't care what anyone else thinks."

What we're trying to establish is that, we now have a 12,000+ (and growing) followership on Facebook and Instagram combined and we hope that marks our ground as writers of content you'd love to see or even just scroll through everyday.

Nonetheless, we would reach out our most heartfelt gratitude to Google for what looks like having our site land first when people search "upsize" and of course, massive thanks to Upsize Bust Cream for making a beautiful (and hopefully safe) option for women who wants to have bigger boobies without surgery and most importantly for sharing the same name with us that we get high content analytics and fun-to-read-and-translate message from your customers.

We're still not sure where y'all can get a tube of some Upsize Bust Cream but here's a link we found that can maybe help for international peeps. And apparently also available in the Philippines through here.

Alright! So we hope we've set things straight with you gals. We look forward to hearing your actual stories if you want to inspire others, you can do so anonymously or even become part of our tribe by being one of our contributors.

Keep doing you, ladies! Keep doing you.

*We are in no way promoting Upsize Bust Cream. We also don't assure it works cause we've never tried it. All of the girls on our site are pretty happy with their boobies. Thank you very much.


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