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Which Kind of Beach Should You Kick-off Your Sun-Soaked Summer At?

Which Kind of Beach Should You Kick-off Your Sun-Soaked Summer At?

Summer is here!!!!!

Okay, fine. We're probably just over-excited about all the seasons. But c'mon! It's summer - time to hit the beach!

This is our most beloved season in the Philippines since every single day with a super clear sky, perhaps a touch of some clouds here and there, and the sun at its peak, we just can't help but hear the beach calling us.

When at the beach, we literally (okay, maybe not) turn into mermaids. Basking under the heat of the sun all day, getting busy with swimming and sunbathing to get that beautiful golden tan.

Our archipelago is rich with beautiful beaches but did you know that different beaches give you (most Filipinas) different tan colors? Here are few tips from our own experience:

Rocky/Pebbly/White Beach = Ashy, Stingy Tan

For some reason, after going to these kinds of beaches give us a pretty ashy tan that kind of hurts in a stingy way especially when sunburnt. If you know why or if we're wrong, do educate us.

Gray Sand Beach = Most Likely to Give Golden Tan

Hitting up gray, sandy beaches always give us a reddish-goldish tan. Don't get us wrong, we adore white beaches. But for some reason, those soft, gray sands (which we also unapologetically use for a natural exfoliation sesh) give us a pretty good tan!

Not a beach: Pool = Gray 

Turns you gray. Dark gray. This is because of the bleach, we're so sure of it.

With the continuous change in the earth's atmosphere, we have to always remember to keep our skin protected especially since we love staying long hours under the sun so much. So when heading to the beach, always bring your fave products that would protect you from the sun.

We headed to a beach near Manila this weekend and brought these new products for a spin.

We're soooo in love with Kojie.san's latest goodies. At first, we kind of freaked out that these might be whitening but looks like it's not! 

This is the perfect sun spray duo for this summer season.

Kojie.san Before Sun Spray SPF50 is an oil-based formula with high performing UVA and UVB filters that helps provide skin cell protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun that may cause sunburns and photoaging. It also has antioxidants and moisturizing properties of Shea Butter and Vitamin E to help keep skin protected from skin irrittion caused by too much sun exposire leaving skin feeling soft, smooth, and healthy

Kojie.san After Sun Spray with Aloe helps rehydrate, soothe, and cool down sunburnes and sun-damaged skin. Its special Aloe Vera CoolMoist Formula gives relief from itchiness and discomfort, helps reduce inflammation and leaves skin soft and moisturized for a more relaxed comfortable feel after being under the sun.

I specifically love the After Sun Spray since it really does what it promises to do. Tried and tested by a girl who loves the sun too much.

Get your own Kojie.san Before and After Sun Spray available soon at your nearest Watsons or SM Store Beauty Section.

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