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Predictions for 2017: The Year of the Fire Rooster

Predictions for 2017: The Year of the Fire Rooster

We’re celebrating Chinese New Year on January 28 and apart from the awaited dragon dance, fireworks and mooncakes, there is another thing that a lot of people look forward to during this time of the lunar calendar -one’s luck or feng shui reading.

Will your animal sign have good luck this year? Here’s what Marites Allen, feng shui expert has to say: 


CareerIt's a great year for new career oppotunities and promotions. Consider enhancing your skills or even a career change.
WealthThere’s possible windfall in your charts so you don’t have to worry about your finances.
LoveRat-born people will have an awesome year for love. Attend social gatherings and just enjoy mingling with others.


CareerUnique opportunities await the hardworking Ox. Since Ox-people are known to be calm, there’s a high chance for career stability waiting in the wings this year.
WealthThere are a lot of unexpected opportunities leading to good finances this year. Just learn to save up for unexpected situations.
LoveIt’s a great year for love for the Ox! It’s an excellent time for the single Ox to find a partner and for those who are currently in a relationship may find themselves married soon!


CareerIt’s a tough year in the workplace with a lot of office politics and jealous colleagues. Stay focused and arm yourself with good skills to impress your boss.
WealthThere’s a possibility of financial loss for the Tiger sign. Avoid impulse buying and stay-level headed with all your expenses.
LoveFinding and keeping love is strong for the Tiger-born. Despite the difficulties ahead, she can be sure to find the love she deserves.


CareerMajor changes such as possibly transferring offices or jobs can impact the Rabbit in a negative way. Think things through before making any big decisions.
WealthThere might be financial loss this year for the Rabbit. Be careful when dealing with others and making risky investments. This saves you the headache that comes with loss of money.
LoveRomance is going to be awesome for the Rabbit born people. Unmarried ones will be lucky in finding the love of their lives perhaps at work or during an event.


CareerAll your hard work has paid off as career development is possible this year for you. It’s going to be a very busy year for the working Dragon.
WealthFinance luck is high for the Dragon born. This allows her to enjoy the fruits of her hard work and save for the future.
LoveRelationships will be smooth sailing for Dragons who are hitched or with a significant other. Those who are still single can expect to find love this year.


CareerBe open to changes this year and grab opportunities as they are presented to you. There are a lot and it’s just a matter of going for them or not.
WealthLuck in this department is low. While there are different sources for income, there is still a big possibility for financial loss this 2017. Save and don’t overspend on things you don’t need.
LoveMoney luck may be bad but the good news is Snake-born people will be very lucky this year in the romance department. In fact, it is overflowing that the Snake will feel like she is the luckiest person in the world.


CareerOpportunities will arise and the Horse-born should study each of them carefully before deciding. Best not to be impulsive when it comes to work to avoid getting into problems.
WealthGood fortune is on the Horse’s side when it comes to money matters. Because of the many opportunities presented, Horse-born people will be rewarded. There is a possibility of financial loss however because of a need to help a family member.
LoveLove luck is very low for the Horse. It would be better to nurture relationships with family and friends.


CareerIt will be a challenging and stressful year for the sheep. To stay motivated, keep focused and be flexible whatever the situation. Seize every opportunity presented to you and it will turn out to be a beneficial year.
WealthBe one of the lucky few Sheep-born who will be abundantly financially blessed this 2017. Be strict with your budget and find other possible means of supplemental income. Save up for unavoidable crisis.
LoveIt’s an interesting year for the Sheep. Attached individuals should steer clear of being involved in extra-marital affairs. The Single Sheep will do well with their romance luck.


CareerThe Monkey’s career luck is high this year. Goals will be met as long as patience and practicality in decision-making is done.
WealthFinancial stability is highly possible for the Monkey. Those in sales and marketing will be lucky in reaping in good fortune. The Monkey’s goal this year is to pay off debts and save up for the future.
LoveIt will be a great year for love and harmony for the Monkey. Those in committed relationships can expect possible marriage or even a baby! Single Monkeys may find love this year.


CareerIt might not be a good idea to move to another company this year. Rooster-born people will be luckier if they stayed on with their current companies as possible advancement is high.
WealthFinancial gains are available for the Rooster this year. Choose investments wisely, remain conservative in spending and success in wealth will be abundant this year.
LoveIt would be a good idea to invest in improving yourself more this year instead of focusing on love. There is a tendency to become emotional which may wreak havoc on your relationships. Stay positive and true to yourself.


CareerIt is a demanding year for the Dog. Those who have their own businesses are likely to encounter new people who will be beneficial to them. For those in the corporate world, expect heavier workload that will bring out the best of you.
WealthThis year is the Dog has to practice self-control and practice good financial management. Prudence in spending is very essential to ensure no losses occur.
LoveGood luck is on the Dog’s side this year when it comes to romance. Unattached ones may find their partner this year.


CareerThere is possible travel opportunity for the employed Boar. It would be a wise decision not to transfer departments or offices for now and to stay focused and determined at work.
WealthBe careful with making big investments this year. It would be wiser to save up instead to prepare for an unavoidable crisis.
LoveFocus on improving yourself this year instead of finding love. It will be challenging and difficult to keep a relationship because of different personalities.
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