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5 Things You Have to Do For Tonight's Lunar Trifecta

5 Things You Have to Do For Tonight's Lunar Trifecta

If you haven't heard yet, tonight is a special night especially for all the lunar/spiritual/ritualistic fans out there. 

Tonight is the second full moon of the month - which is called a blue moon - which is a super moon that will experience a lunar eclipse. What does this mean exactly? You can expect to see a giant full moon but also not see it for a moment.

However you see things, you just have to experience this unique phenomenon. There's nothing wrong with believing in the power of the universe so if you want to give it a try, tonight is the best time. Here are some things you can do to take advantage of the lunar trifecta tonight:

1. Take a moon bath.

o-nei-ric Tapes

Before anything else, make sure you bask in the ambiance of the moon tonight. Meaning, you shouldn't stay in. Find an open space where the light of the moon can touch you. The supermoon is believed to be cleansing to your mind, soul, and body so bathing in all its glory should be very soothing. Wash away all the negativity and welcome in a positive energy to make you feel fresh and renewed.

2. Write down your dreams and get in touch with your emotions.


Energy is potent and emotions are magnified during the full moon. It's the perfect time to focus on how you're feeling as of the moment and center your mind on your goals. Tonight, get a notebook and pen ready and list down all your dreams and take pleasure in envisioning it happening.

Manifest and harness your desires.

3. Charge your crystals.

Crystals Gems

If you own crystals and gemstones, make sure you recharge them under the moon's glow tonight. Simply place them outside and bring them back just before dawn.

4. Contemplate and meditate.


While you're moonbathing, don't bother getting all up on your phone simply taking photos and scrolling on your feed - contemplate on yourself and meditate. This is complementing to number 2, of course, to help you focus even more and think deeper.

5.  Boost your feminine energy.


Several beliefs claim that the moon is feminine. There is a special connection between the woman and the moon that even our cycles are usually aligned with the lunar cycle. Take advantage of the primary night light of the skies tonight and align and boost your energy with the super moon.



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