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10 Major Reasons Why You Are An Empowered Woman

10 Major Reasons Why You Are An Empowered Woman

It's a great time to be alive - with the rise of women (and even men) fighting for equality and respect. Strong is no longer synonymous to machismo but instead now applies to everyone.

This month in Upsize is dedicated to all the strong, empowered women constantly fighting and hustling in life. We regularly share woman-centric stories but this month, we're making it a more special month for you.

With that, we're kicking off the month by sharing with you * reasons why you are well-deserving to be called an empowered woman.

You wake up to a new day...

...ready for the battle of everyday life. You are empowered because we know you may be fighting your own battles, probably even dragging your ass out of bed in the morning, but look at you - you dress up, show up, and work your way through. That enough makes you strong.

You know how to appreciate beauty and goodness

You recognize that everything and everyone is beautiful and good. The world may seem thriving in negativity as of the moment but that doesn't stop you from doing good things because you believe that the world deserves your own form of kindness.

You don't bother comparing yourself to anyone

If there's anyone who can be the best you, it's you. If there's anyone who you can be, it's you. So you don't bother putting your life and other's life side by side and comparing who's prettier, skinnier, happier, etc. Because you know that doing this will not make you any better anyway.

You know how to take care of yourself

You know yourself enough to establish what you really like and dislike. The ability to keep up with your own drama and crying it out alone as well as being the main source of your own happiness is your strength. You know when to take the time off, pause, and hustle your way back just because that's the strong woman that you are.

You are not afraid to commit to yourself

And that means actually recognizing your own successes and failures. Commitment to oneself is probably the toughest form of commitment there is. Sometimes you find yourself succeeding on the toughest challenges you put on your plate so you're overwhelmed with joy but sometimes you also find yourself dragging your own ass, all depressed and anxious, because of a personal failure. You weep and sleep on it and guess what? Another day comes, a stronger you emerges.

You embrace your flaws

We are not perfect. Nobody is. Not even the photoshopped images on media that we see are perfect. So why bother? Or maybe we are perfect - but in our own way. And you recognize this because you have long gone and accepted your flaws which makes you unique. So instead of trying to hide them, you flaunt them because you are not afraid.

You know when you need help and you're not afraid to ask for it

Strong people are not those who always stand alone but those who know when to ask for help. Asking for assistance in any endeavor does not signify one's weakness. In fact, it shows strength in recognition that sometimes you need others to stay strong. It's a sad irony that most think that needing help is a weakness when in fact it takes a brave woman to stand and say, "I need your help."

You tend to think highly of yourself

This does not mean that you're pretty much borderline narcissistic posting five selfies of every angle of your face every minute of the day. This means that you are confident of who you are and who you're going to be. In the wise words of Demi Lovato, "What's wrong with being confident?" That's right, girlfriend. Nothing.

You are not afraid to be alone

Your skills include - eating alone, drinking alone, shopping alone, traveling alone, celebrating life's little wins alone, and struggling through life's toughest obstacles alone. Because sometimes, the best company you'll ever have is yourself. 

In being alone, you discover who you are better. Releasing your inhibitions in being with yourself makes you more comfortable in your own skin. You know that solitude can be good for you because it's when you are least judged or at least you're just with your worst critic.

You stand with others

This is the age of the modern revolution. Through social media, more people have the power to be heard. You're not necessarily a conformist but you know that the reason why a lot of people are talking about the issues you're also concerned with is because it is an issue that people should be concerned with. You are strong because you, too, believe that little voices are louder together.

Now go forth and raise your voices! It's our month to celebrate!

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