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The Many Faces and Voices of Love

The Many Faces and Voices of Love

Love is probably one of the best human feelings in the world. But it tends to fill us with sighs of contentment or snorts of derision. Whatever it was filled with, it’s an interesting emotion that makes us connect with the special people we encounter. 

The Crush

Remember the time you were slowly discovering the joy of fairytales and happy-ever-afters? Yes? Those were the days filled with silliness and unlimited possibilities. The crush introduced us to the idea that the sweaty palms, the wobbly knees, and the stubborn smile are symptoms, not of cooties, but of liking someone more than just a friend. This is the kind of love that never fades. 

The crush is the kind of love where we’ll always remember the feelings it made us feel even if we have long forgotten the person responsible for them.

Your song:

The One That Got Away

Admit it - once in a while, you check his Facebook account, you stroll through his Twitter timeline, and you gaze at his Instagram profile. I do not have to specify who I am talking about. This is someone who could have been your chance at your own happy ever after. This is someone who gave you the attention even when you didn’t ask for it. But through no fault of anyone, just fate, things got out of hand and you let him go. Or you let each other go. Bottomline, you’re no longer together and some nights, it sucks.

Your song: The One that Got Away by Katy Perry

The Fling

He was responsible for getting you out of the emotional rut you were stuck in. You might have met him through Tinder, through a common friend, or on a blind date, but he was there when the night seems so long or when you need a good laugh. He made you feel pretty again, just when you thought haggard has become your norm.

However, all through your interactions, both of you are aware that what you have is nothing serious, and by mutual consent, no hearts will break and no tears will fall when the inevitable separation arrives.

Your song: Call on Me - Janet Jackson feat. Nelly

The Unrequited Love

We've all been there. I know somewhere along the way, you’ve felt the sting of one-sided love, and by one-sided I mean all the love coming from your end. Of course he loves you, just not the kind of love you felt for him. 

Your song: It's Gotta Be You by Isaiah and Stuck by Stacie Orrico

The Present

Now here you are. You might be with someone, or you might not. Here’s the last face of love, the one that wears the I’m-ready-to-make-the-best-out-of-where-I-am-now. Forget it. It’s a mouthful. Just remember that the best kind of love is the kind where you will never wonder whether you are loved. You just know.

Maybe there's no need to label this one this time and just see where the wind takes you.

Your song: Say You Won't Let Go by James Arthur

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