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What To Do When You're Single On Valentine's Day

What To Do When You're Single On Valentine's Day

Ladies, put your hands up! 

The day we've always dreaded is coming real soon and we know you're super excited to see the cute couples on dates, holding hands on the streets.

How about us who got reservations for one? Do we wallow in self-pity? Do we longingly stare at sweet couples in a restaurant? Do we watch movies that make us cry? Do we drunk-text our exes?

No one owns February. If on the 14th of this month you don’t have a date, you don’t have to go to work, you don’t have to go to school and you’re running out of ideas of where to go and what to do, don’t worry. There's totally a million things to do!

Enjoy a power breakfast.

Food is always the most amazing thing to celebrate a special day with. Valentine’s Day, like any other day, is a perfect time to spend a long, relaxed, and unrushed cheat day. Happy food releases endorphins and serves as catalyst that ignite so much chemicals in your body until you realize the perfect definition of love. So yes - go ahead and hug your fridge. 

Go on a single ladies night with friends.

Surely, you’re not the only single person in the squad.  After having a hearty breakfast, it’s time to laugh and cry (because of too much laughter) with the girls! Feel free to swoon over unrealistically romantic that men in real life can never measure up to and judge the clingy couples in the restaurant. Maybe even give a round of applause to the girls getting some on the 14th. 

Entertain yourself and share stories with the ladies. Then realize how amazing it actually is that you've been single, independent, hardworking women who don't need a man!!!

Pamper yourself.

Yes to that new haircut. Hooray for that soothing massage. High-five if you choose to go to the mall and have that much-needed retail therapy. Pampering yourself is as much as a luxury as a responsibility. For all the pressure you’re body has been put into, Valentine’s Day is the day when you let go not only of your EXTRA cash, but also of the “you” that was so afraid of getting out of the comfortable. You’re single, you’re working hard, you paid your bills, no need to feel that niggling guilt.

Lose yourself in a good book.

An excellent page-turner can take you from melancholy to euphoria in a span of a chapter. Reading a good book is like being in a world so entirely different.

Climb a mountain or head to the beach.

Just go somewhere! This is something that we’d definitely recommend. Mountain climbing can be more than a hobby. It could be just what you need in order to get away from the rut you’ve been stuck in. If you’re living in the metro, Rizal and Batangas are two provinces where mountains ripe for scaling are waiting.

Or you could go to the beach and just bask under the sun. You could be Ariel for a day! Maybe make friends with the fish! You can do whatever you want. No one's judging.

Basically what we're saying is just enjoy the day! It's just one day and it doesn't have to suddenly define who you are just because you're not in a relationship. You are with yourself and that's someone pretty important. 

What matters is that we have the option to be happy. Let’s choose that.


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