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A Modern Take on Your Favorite Disney Princesses

A Modern Take on Your Favorite Disney Princesses

We are self-proclaimed Disney babies. Growing up, we looked to Disney Princesses as much as we did to our favorite Marvel heroes and we dreamed of being like them - basically because of their forever flowing hair and generally accepted singing outbursts that are never off-key.

Disney Princesses have taken a lot of heat especially in today's social media world. People are so woke that these what used to be little kids singing with Ariel in Part of Your World are now criticizing how the most hailed Disney Princesses are helpless, basic, white females.

Though this may be true and somewhat disappointing, hope always finds a way.

Meet Amanda Allen Niday: Portland Native, Art Historian, Comic Lover, Illustrator Extraordinaire.

Thank the universe for bursting stars and forming together to bring her to life! This inspired creator re-imagines our favorite Disney Princesses as Women Marchers after watching women of different shapes, sizes, and forms come together at the big Women's March last 21 January.

I felt inspired by the way women expressed themselves on their signs, from the witty and charming to the downright scathing. Women coming together from all backgrounds to say "we are HERE and we MATTER’.” she tells Teen Vogue. “I wanted to hold onto that message as my newsfeeds dissolved back into squabbling and finding faults in our difference, rather than understanding.”

We are totally living for her work with these heroines' that we always paid homage to. This project truly reminded us these princesses are brave, strong, and valuable.

“Being strong when you are being told you are weak is a form of protest. Being yourself when you are being told that isn't acceptable is a form of protest. Never giving up hope is a form of protest. I wanted to show that we can control the narrative,” Niday said.

What we love best about her artwork is the way she portrayed the voices of these princess. I mean, she could've easily used any powerful phrase raised during the Women's March but no. If you will notice, these princesses are protesting in words used in one of their songs, which means that they have been standing up for their rights this whole time.

And in some way, we can totally relate. Like them, we are princesses to begin with anyway and our own knights in shining armors.

Check out her Disney Princess collection:

Follow Amanda on her journey with art on Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram.

Want to own a piece of her work? Check her out on Society6

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