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Feel and Be Productive With This Artsy and Fun Trick

Feel and Be Productive With This Artsy and Fun Trick

The digital age is most definitely upon us. From food to beauty to transportation and even dating, everything is just one touch away. Technology has been making things possible, quicker, and easier for us especially when it comes to productivity - or does it?

Let's be honest: Technology has its ups and downs - making life easier but at the same time providing tons of easy access distractions that can hinder us from actually being sensefully productive with both our careers and with our personal lives.

In bullet journaling, we found the answer. Sure we have a wide range of productivity apps to choose from available on our mobile phones but nothing beats pen and paper.

Bullet journaling is an effective way to make yourself feel and actually be productive. There's something about tangible, fun-colored supplies that gives us the feeling that we're doing ourselves a favor by being creative and constructive at the same time.

We adore planners (mainly because some of us can be OC and anxious about life events) and love writing down our thoughts which is why we have grown to love bullet journaling.

If you want to try it for yourself, here are a few tips for the lazy gals out there like us.


  ✔ any notebook you like (preferably dotted ones)
  ✔ colored pens
  ✔ colored highlighters
  ✔ a ruler
  ✔ stickers (if you like those)

When you've got all the materials you need, you can start bullet journaling. The best thing about this is that there is no guidelines to it! You can develop your bullet journal according to what you need. Not only can the design be personal, the content and layout can be too!

Here are some tips to get you started:

Make a monthly tracker


Whatever you're using your bullet journal for, it's advisable to make a monthly tracker so you can see your activity at a glance. You can have a tasks list on the side to remind you of your tasks to finish for the month.

Make a weekly tracker


You can opt for a checklist or a schedule spread to see your week in a glance. If you're a planning-by-the-week kind of gal, this is definitely a must. Color code your tasks or even put in stickers to organize things better.

Allot pages for doodles and random scramblings


Okay, let's be honest. The sample above is just too tedious for some of the really busy girls out there. But the thing is, it's not impossible! There are actually weird, crazy days when the laziest and busiest of us can make stuff like this happen!

Leave pages for creativity on your bullet journal to keep your mind occupied in times of idleness as well as inspiration for in case you feel down.

A "Something" Tracker


You could be tracking anything you're into or want to be into perhaps like drinking a glass of water, days you've controlled yourself from random shopping trips, or watching series like the sample above.

It helps you be on your toes, always opening your journal and keeping yourself updated.

Gratitude Pages


Keep yourself in a positive mood all the time by finding something good in every day. Write the best ones on this page. You'll surely find yourself happy and grateful because eventually you'll realize how amazing it can be to continuously count your blessings.

Elements Page


Throughout your journal, you may find yourself lost and confused with what legend to use for your notes. Make a legend page for this immediately once you start. Place this on the frontmost or backmost part of your journal so you can easily find it.

Feel free to enjoy putting your bullet journal together! Take a time off from the digital world and revert to good ol' writing down.

Just remember, it doesn't have to be pretty or instagrammable. Make sure that it is honest, authentic, real, and very much you. And just like you, it doesn't have to be perfect all the time. It can get a bit chaotic, messy, and sometimes bare, but it's wonderful and full of stories and creativity. Just like you!

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