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6 Fun Activities for Moms and Kids to Bond Over This Summer

6 Fun Activities for Moms and Kids to Bond Over This Summer

Regardless of age, motherhood it is a trying but meaningful phase in a woman's life. Nothing beats the contentment of seeing a child blossom in front of one's eyes with a mom by their side.

School is done and the heat is on. Bring your little one/s along to the fun this summer. Here are some enjoyable activities you can do together:

1. Go artsy fartsy.

Who does not like art? Little hands flourish with activities that allow them to dabble in some paint tubs, brush strokes, and a sheet of paper or fabric to put their ideas on. Just make sure the art materials you use for your little one is non-toxic and kid-friendly. 

Healthy Families BC

Art materials are easily available at any bookstore near you.

2. Roleplay ala Masterchef Kids and bake some pastries.

Make cooking count as one of your summer activities. Get those colorful M&Ms, sugar beads, and other sweet delights and go bake a cupcake or other pastries with your junior sous chef. Let your kid put the toppers in your bake goodness to get a feel of making the finished pastry.  This gives your child a sense of achievement.

Village Bakery

You can always do this at home or head on to the Maya Kitchen Culinary Arts Center in Makati City. They have a baking/cooking summer workshop for beginners (kids aged 6-12 years old) from April 10 to 13 from 9am to 1pm. The workshop fee is at Php 6,000. They also have classes on May 15 to 18; and May 29 to June 1 (cooking for beginners series).

The Maya Kitchen

3. Thumbs up for a Safari trip.

Okay it may not be a literal Safari but why not bring your child to a botanical garden and/or a zoo where your young can appreciate the beauty of nature and learn some fast facts about different kinds of animals. You can even play dress up to make your outdoor trip more fun and engaging!

My Mom Friday

The Ark Avilon Zoo is a park in the city where moms and kids can interact with animals and have fun while learning. The entrance fees run from Php 500 (regular rate) for those above 3ft in height; and Php 300 for kids below 3 feet. It is open Monday to Sunday from 9am- 6pm. It is located in Lower Ground Road D Cor road E, Ortigas East, Ortigas Ave., cor C5  Brgy. Ugong Pasig City.

4. Play some board games.

Lay them off the tablet and/or the phone and let them experience bonding with the family and being a kid with some good, classic board games. Introduce them to the classic Snakes & Ladders and even a fun game of Life or Jenga! Best part is, everyone else can join in!


5. Superhero fest.

Who says costumes and superheroes are just for birthday parties? Why not give your child a break this summer and let your kid play superhero once in a while. Help them expand your imagination by joining them in playing pretend!

Diary of an Addict

6. Involve your child in doing charity.

Charity begins at home so they say. If you happen to be involved with a certain NGO, why not let your child in on your worthwhile activity of sharing your blessings to others this way, your child grows up not just learning about society, but also motivated to share little blessings to others as well.

One of the non-profit organizations you could help with is the Philippine Toy Library which shares some happiness to kids by way of putting up public toy libraries. By donating your kid's old toys, you help the group in continuing its work and sharing  some kindness by giving poor kids safe play spaces in marginalized communities.

Philippine Toy Library

Those that can be donated are toys (preloved or new) for 6-12 years old children; a complete set of of puzzle toys and children's story books. Donations may be sent to: No. 56 Esteban Abada St., Loyola Heights., 1108 Quezon City.

There's only so much time that our kids are kids so make the most out of these moments and give them your most valuable time. 

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