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The Different Types of Travellers

The Different Types of Travellers

Summer is coming. And what is synonymous to summer? Travel season indeed. 

In this era of seat sales, affordable accommodations, and budget itineraries, adventure is one click away. If you have your eyes are already set on the next location, be it the spring in South Korea or Japan, the hopefully still chilly Baguio and Sagada, this rundown of the different kinds of travellers will make you nudge your friend and say, “that’s so you.”

The Fashionista

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From the snazzy haircut, on-fleek eyebrows, flawless make-up, down to the eye-catching shoes, the fashionista’s ensemble is perfect for every OOTD shots. She’ll dazzle fellow travellers with her spot-on flair. That tourist staring at her? It’s fine. Fashionistas wear that stunning dress, not for the attention, but definitely for self-expression. (Wink, wink)

The Photographer

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In your group of friends, the one kind of traveller you want to be with is the photographer. Capturing the right angle while that autumn leaf is falling and the little kid is smiling is what the photographer lives for. She may have caught a lot of photos, but usually, you won’t find her in any of those perfect pictures she shot.

The Know-it-All

When you’re travelling with friends, arguments usually abound especially when you’re in a DIY trip. The Know-it-All is someone usually helpful when not being annoying. She knows the directions you should take, the mode of transportation you should be in, even the restaurant where you should eat. She’s a mass of information and fun-filled facts.

The Social Media Enthusiast

She’ll check in on Facebook every time she arrives anywhere. She’ll take photos of food served before she eats, making sure to achieve the perfect flatlay on the table. She’ll even live tweet everything and anything. She may not be a fashionista, but she’ll definitely post her OOTDs.

The Whiner

Yes, she exists in every clique. If you did not find yourself in the previous four, you might have just found your category. Kidding. The Whiner is also known as the buzzkill. She is the one who you loathe to be with. She’ll find fault in the kind of hostel you stayed in, in the food you ate, even in the route you’re in.

Believe it or not, she can also be helpful. She’ll make your group a little cautious when the adrenaline gets a little too tough to handle. In your next adventure, be the kind of traveller you want to encounter.

Which one are you?

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