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Who is Isabel Granada and What Exactly is Aneurysm?

Who is Isabel Granada and What Exactly is Aneurysm?

Yesterday was a sad moment for the friends, family, fans, and the entertainment industry who knew and loved the late Isabel Granada. She made headlines as the 41-year-old beauty passed away in Qatar reportedly due to aneurysm that affected her heart.

The Filipina star was in Doha for a meet-and-greet with fans on 25 October when she collapsed and was rushed to Hamad General Hospital. There was so much commotion on the internet when she passed and we found that some millennials don't know why because they don't know who she is. 

So to celebrate her beautiful life, here are a few things you should know about Isabel Granada:

Isabel started her career in That's Entertainment in 1986 which kickstarted her booming career in the 90s.

Summit Media

She starred in the film Ligaya ang Itawag Mo Sa Akin with Rosanna Roces in 1998 where Isabel won a FAMAS Award for Best Supporting Actress.


Isabel graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Aeronautical Engineering in 2001 at the Philippine Air Transport and Training Services College (PATTS) and trained with the Philippine Air Force. She's a licensed pilot!

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Isabel was the Philippines' Cara Delevingne of eyebrows (our own fact, you can quote us on this). Just look at those gorgeous brows!

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It's so unfortunate to lose Isabel to such a cause. What exactly is aneurysm though and what could've caused it to take Isabel's life?

Aneurysm (AN-yoo-riz-um) is a bulge in a blood vessel caused by a weakness in its wall where it branches. Basically, it's a blood-filled balloon-like bulge that grows in the brain or the abdominal aorta. Just like a balloon, as it grows bigger, the risk of bursting arises.

Stanford Health Care

What causes brain aneurysm has not been pointed out but there are several risk factors that could develop this over time including older age, cigarette smoking, hypertension, drug abuse, heavy alcohol consumption, or genetics. 


Brain aneurysm can be treated if it is detected before it ruptures. 

We do not know for sure what Isabel's case was and what triggered this on her but we give our most heartfelt condolences to Isabel's friends and family. Surely, we will never forget such a beautiful and talented woman who graced Philippine TV.


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