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Hitch on a Holiday Ride with Grab and Uber

Hitch on a Holiday Ride with Grab and Uber

Traffic gets worse in the Metro regardless of the hour of the day, weather, or season because there is already so much vehicles going around. As we have expected for several years since the age of technology broke free, Christmas creates crazy jams on our major roads.

Riding on buses and jeepneys has already been such a hassle and taxis have gotten an unfortunate reputation that we have learned to grow loyalty for ride-hailing platforms, specially Grab and Uber.


Our biggest dilemma nowadays though is the exaggeratedly high fare charged to us by these companies. Sure they offer security, comfort, and luxury but to be charged more than a thousand pesos (without toll) for a 15km or less travel is just a little too much. Surges which used to overwhelm us have become a normal part of our commute.

What's great about these new platforms is that we have two choices available for us to choose from. But usually, we find ourselves regretting not checking out both apps before booking ending in us paying for more than what was supposed to be.

Forget fussing. We've (sort of) figured out when to best book Grab and Uber for you! Here are some of our personal realizations for Grab Sedan vs. UberX:

Platform Loving... Meh...
Grab (Sedan)
  • Charges a fixed rate regardless of how long it would take you to endure traffic
  • Has late night promos
  • Locates a driver closer to your pick-up location
  • Haves fun with decorating their cars
  • Can be unreasonably expensive
  • Fewer cars are available especially during rush hours
  • Sometimes not one driver wants to pick you up
  • Easier and faster to get drivers
  • Cheaper for daily trips when not in season
  • Has connecting trips
  • Much luxurious cars available
  • Can get super expensive
  • Does not have so much promos
  • Seems like fewer cars operating

Did you know?

Grab Sedan drivers can not only see where you will get picked up but also where your destination is as well. They can also see how much your fare would be. This gives the drivers the option to choose their passengers resulting in you getting frustrated cause no one would pick you up. UberX drivers on the other hand can only see where you will be picked up. They would only know where your destination is when you get in the car and would only know your rate when you arrive at your destination which is why they're faster to respond to a ride request.

UberX computes your rate based on actual distance and time traveled which results to varying rates. The one you see once you enter in your location and destination is only a rough estimate of how much it could take you to get to where you are going. Grab Sedan, on the other hand, gives you a fixed rate regardless of the actual total distance and time traveled which makes you sure of how much you have to settle for your trip.

Both of these platforms have their own fair share of pros and cons but still, we'd prefer to take any of these rides to get us home safe and sound for the holidays. Rates would still vary depending on where you are going and the time you need to travel.


What is your ride of choice to get through the crazy holiday traffic? Tell us about it!

Article cover photo from vulcanpost.com.

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