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5 Easy Tips to Start Going Green

5 Easy Tips to Start Going Green

Just this week, news broke about a pilot whale that was found dead in Thailand. The autopsy found 17 lbs of plastic rubbish in its stomach. 

This instance isn't exactly isolated. We've seen photos of turtles trapped and misshapen because of plastic rings and other sea life threatened by all our trash. 

We frequent beaches, especially during the summer season, and we're pretty sure you've also been disappointed by the growth in tourism that comes with an increase in waste that goes to our oceans. 

We at Upsize PH are one with the global 'save the environment' movement, so here are five tips on how you can incorporate going green in your daily life. Think of this as an eco starter kit! *wink*

1. Bring eco bags

When shopping, some fashion brands use eco bags instead of plastics so you don't really have any excuse as to why you can't find one for yourself.

SAKitToMe Whale

Omnisax by Envirosax Bloom Series

All you have to do is to fold these eco bags so they'd fit inside your everyday gear. They come in handy especially when you're grocery-shopping. Bringing and using eco bags is automatically a few pesos off your total bill, plus you're not adding on to the thousands of kilos of non-biodegradable junk we're dumping onto our waters. 

2. Use stainless steel straws

You probably get your coffee fix daily. Can you imagine all the plastic straws you would've accumulated in a year, just by drinking Starbucks? 

Sip PH Duo Set

Well, we're not keeping you from enjoying your fave frappe or even a milk tea, if that's what you prefer, but using metal straws won't hurt. 

You can order yours at Sip PH and their straws come with cleaning brushes. 

3. Packed lunch

If you're too busy or just too inexperienced in the kitchen and can't cook your own lunch, then that's totally fine. All we implore you to do is bring your own baunan, tumbler, and utensils. 

Wise Bread

When eating out, prefer to use ceramic plates and steel utensils than styrofoam and plastic spoons and fork. If it can't be helped, use your handy-dandy lunch box, and refill your tumbler with water.

4. Bamboo toothbrush

This item is, without doubt, more environment-friendly than the usual plastic and rubber toothbrushes that we're accustomed to. 

Human Heart Nature Minka Bamboo Toothbrush

You can buy yours at Minka Toothbrush Movement (available at Human Heart Nature).

5. All-natural beauty products

For a time, there had been a discussion on ensuring that the products we use on our skin do not simply promote beauty but also wellness.

And that is true. After all, the contents of whatever beauty product you use is absorbed by your skin. So what better way to prettify yourself than using all-natural product!

Human Heart Nature Hydrating Face Mist

Burt's Bees Pink Grapefruit Lip Balm

For starters, you can easily go to Healthy Options. Other brands to check out are Human Heart Nature, Zero Basics, and Burt's Bees, and Lush

Lush New Shampoo Bar

Lush Antiope Naked Shower Gel

It's so easy to go green! All we need is to start. 

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