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Learn to Love Mornings with Our Lush Daily Routine

Learn to Love Mornings with Our Lush Daily Routine

Hi, I'm Lemon and I'm a self-proclaimed Lush addict and totally not a morning person. 

I've been on Lush for nearly 3 years now. Started with just soaps and now I've been able to incorporate nearly all their products into my daily routine and eventually became a morning person.

If you're familiar with Lush, you'd definitely know when a store is near. From far away, you will already be able to smell the vibrant, fresh scent of mixed deliciousness from the store that only entices you to come in and shop.

Well, I think this is an addiction good for most. Lush is known for producing fresh handmade cosmetics - from bath essentials to skin care to makeup and perfume. They boast cruel-free methods in producing their products by saying no to animal testing. Their products are a 100% vegetarian and promotes ethical buying!

And with that, here is my actual daily morning routine c/o our favorite products from Lush that you could totally easily try:

Shower with Fairly Traded Honey Shampoo, Sugar Daddy-O Solid Conditioner, and Sandstone.

I've tried most solid shampoos and liquid shampoos in Lush but so far I think I'm keeping with Fairly Traded Honey for a while. It has a rich consistency - like you're washing your hair with actual honey - that leaves your hair soft and smelling so good!

Lush Cosmetics Fairly Traded Honey Shampoo, available in 3 sizes

Lush Cosmetics Sugar Daddy-O Solid Conditioner

There's actually also a Daddy-O shampoo but it's more for a specific type of hair but since I love its scent, I go for the solid conditioner that comes in Lush's famous naked packaging.

Lush Cosmetics Sandstone Soap

I'm already nearly finished with my Lush Sandstone soap and I love it for morning showers because it's soaping and exfoliation in one!

Sealing the freshness with The Greeench

Lush stores in the Philippines don't always carry every possible Lush product I could hoard and that goes with their deodorants. I would've loved to try their solid ones in naked packaging but all they have available are the powdered ones - The Greeench and The Guv'ner.

Lush Cosmetics The Greeench Deodorant

What I love most about this is that it has tea tree that keeps my pits dry and smelling fresh all day even after a crazy hot commute! Plus, it doesn't seem to run out cause I still have so much after a lot of usage.

Face prep with Enchanted Eye Cream

I'm ~sinfully~ not using a moisturizer because my dermatologist suggests that I dry my acne scars but we won't want to skip on some, won't we? I still want to keep my undereyes hydrated and I do it with Lush's Enchanted Eye Cream.

Lush Cosmetics Enchanted Eye Cream (1.5 oz)

One bottle would already be good for nearly a year since you don't really have to use so much. Just once in the morning and once at night. It's great for morning preps because it perks up your eyes making you look rested and for the evening before you sleep because it helps regenerate and tighten your skin.

Setting Hair with Sea Spray/Sunny Day

How do I even begin with Sea Spray? It's one of Lush's yearlong best-selling products that you definitely have to get your hands on. It smells like fresh grapefruit + a great vacation and gives that much needed beach-vibe volume and lift to your hair without all the frizz.

Sea Spray tips: Tie your hair in a bun while still damp and spritz some Sea Spray on your hair. Blow dry and remove your hair tie. Fix hair with hands and do not comb to achieve beachy waves.

Lush Cosmetics Sea Spray Hair Mist

Lush Cosmetics Sunny Day Anti-Static Hair Detangler

Sunny Day is sort of the opposite of Sea Spray. I use it for when I want just softer hair. Sunny Day is an anti-static hair detangler formula that oozes of freshness and smells like honey and jasmine.

Sunny Day tips: Spray Sunny Day on damp hair. Comb through while blow drying.

Moisturize with Charity Pot

One thing I love most about Charity Pot is that it comes in those signature black pots that Lush is most known for. Did you know that if you return 5 black Lush pots, they give you a free pot of product?

That and 100% (less taxes) of Charity Pot sales are donated to small grassroots organizations working for environmental conservation, animal welfare, and human rights! So👏🏼Much👏🏼Yas👏🏼

Lush Cosmetics Charity Pot Body Lotion

I like moisturizing in the morning with Charity Pot because it has a thick consistency that does not make you feel warm (annoying how other lotions do that) so it's perfect for our unpredictable weather.

Keeping my chompers pearly white with Boom!

True to its name, Boom! is like an explosion in your mouth. It has charcoal and gunpowder tea so it's truly a great way to start and end your day.

It leaves a fresh cola-ish flavor to your mouth too!

Lush Cosmetics Boom! Toothy Tabs

Lush offers a lot of toothy tabs but I'm sticking this one in particular since I've been consuming a lot of teeth-staining coffee *oops*. It's a great alternative to the mass produced toothpastes packed with chemicals.

How to: Take one tab and crunch it between your teeth. Wet your toothbrush and brush away!

Lush makes a ton of fun products and they release limited edition seasonal ones that are even more exciting! If you want to know more about my daily Lush routine, feel free to leave a comment below. 

And make sure you check out Lush stores in the Philippines! They are on Facebook and Instagram. Go ahead and check out their YouTube channel to know more and see how they make these products. 

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