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Be-Do-Have: The Winner's Simple Mantra

Be-Do-Have: The Winner's Simple Mantra

There will always come a time in our lives when we feel stuck in a rut. As much as we would want to always have positivity on our side, sometimes it gets too difficult to stay on the right path. There are several things that do not go our way and it can get pretty frustrating. 

I remember going through a tough career journey, where all I could think of was how I got into such a mess of a life. Why bad things keep happening to me. I was broke, depressed, and already giving up on life.

But I guess life does go on. And with perseverance and enough amount of hope, it won't leave you rotting in the bottom.

I was so down in life - to the rotting level - that clearly, there was no other way but up.

I just wanted my life to get better. Though too depressed to function, I cleared my mind of useless ideas and filled it with hope. I wrote about the things I like and didn't like about myself.

Eventually, I somehow managed to meet a couple of businesspeople who were in the Philippines for an event we were handling. They invited me and a friend for dinner on their last night in Manila and it was a dinner too memorable, too meaningful for me to even try to forget because it was a my stepping stone towards a better perspective of life.

And here's what I learned:

In life, we always envision success as something we can only attain if we have something, so for instance, you want to help street kids. So you say, "I need to have money in order to help these kids." Or sometimes you'd say, "I need to have this client so I could earn the biggest commission and become rich."

Regardless of whichever your goal in life is, most people usually think of, "I need to have this so I can do this so I can be this. 

Have-Do-Be. Which, according to my new friends and my personal experience, was a very wrong mindset.

So they said, "You can have what you want if you can fully envision that you have it." Thus introduced is the power of the positive mindset. "Instead of thinking that you should have something to be able to do something in order to be the someone you want to be, flip it," they said.

Be who you want to be.

Then you'll have what you need/want;

To do what you want to do.

I was broke, depressed, and already giving up on life. And this got to me so much that I was becoming a totally different, negative-thinking person. So I had what negative, sad people had - no money, no friends, no bright outlook in life. And in return, I did what a negative person would do - I sulked in my sadness and all the unfortunate events that was happening to me and this took me nowhere but lower than where I already was.

Be-Do-Have didn't make sense to me at first. Cause how can I even be if I don't have

It was all about mindset. I started envisioning myself as a successful woman. I imagined myself happy and free of worries. I saw myself with good company. 

Never did I expect it to immediately take effect, but it did. I wasn't even so crazy about it when i just noticed how much my life has changed ever since I acted like the woman I wanted me to be. I became the person I imagined myself to be.

And as promised, I had the things I needed and wanted to have to do the things I wanted to do.

Quite similar to the saying, "Dress for the job you want". 

So to you, dear reader, please do not lose hope. You can easily be the person you want to be - so be that with no regrets. 

Try the Be-Do-Have Mantra and upsize your life to the one you know you deserve.

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