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7 Tips to Ace Your First Interview

7 Tips to Ace Your First Interview

Exciting isn’t it; getting out of school, being in the “real world,” and finally earning your way out of unemployment.  As fascinating as it is to enter the realm of the adult world with all its adult responsibilities, you have to figure out first how to get a job.

Don’t worry. Here are some of our tried and tested ideas on how to make first interviews a success.

Research about the company.

Okay, so you received an affirmative from your dream company and you’re scheduled for an interview two days from now. Grab your laptop and search all that is possible to know about the company. You don’t want to be caught unaware of the questions that they might just throw at you.

Practice an interview with the help of friends.

There are questions that are basically stapled in any interview, and they are readily available on the internet. You can print some of these questions and do a mock interview with your friends. Through this, you can test the ability to think quickly on your feet.

Get a decent sleep before the interview.

Do not stress on the night before the interview. Getting the right amount of sleep would not only help your brain function better, it would also give you that glow that you could only get through a good night rest.

Eat a hearty breakfast.

We made a list of what constitutes a good breakfast (link, please). You should eat food with less grease as to avoid being queasy during the interview.

Wear an appropriate outfit.

More than being stylish, you should go with comfortable. If you are not comfortable in heels, do not wear one. Your chance of giving the right answers would lessen if you keep on pulling that skirt down. Comfort trumps style. A white polo shirt, black slacks, and black flats never go wrong.

Do not be late.

If you’re on time, you’re late. If your interview is scheduled at 9 a.m., be there at 8:30. If you do not know the venue of the interview, then you should visit it the day before so as to familiarize yourself with the commute. The whole dynamics of the interview depend on you not being late.

Message the company after the interview.

As an act of courtesy, do not forget to message the interviewer the day after. No matter how the interview turned out, an act of politeness surely goes a long way. You may not have given him the best first impression, but with this small gesture, the last, and usually lasting, impression would be a great one. 

Getting your dream job is not the “be all, end all” of being an adult. You still have to stick it out, and that is usually the hardest part. Always remember , no job is perfect, manage your expectations. Things would be a little hard at the start, like things usually are, but with persistence, dedication, and ambition, you’ll make it. 

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