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Pros and Cons: Dating a Local vs. Dating a Foreigner

Pros and Cons: Dating a Local vs. Dating a Foreigner

*Alright before we start, we'd like to credit instagram.com/jerichorosalesofficial and twitter.com/chrishemswort66 for the photos on our cover and thank the heavens above for sending these gorgeous men to the world.*

Today’s dating world has been more open than it has been before. And thanks to the advancement of technology and the affordability of traveling, the world slowly begins to obviously become much smaller than we ever thought it was.

With the rise of Tinder, Bumble, and low priced fares come the variety of dates as well. It seems so easy to meet people from all over the globe if you know where to find them.

If you’re keen to finding yours, curious to try dating someone from a different culture, or maybe even been with different dates, perhaps you could relate with us.

Here are some of the pros and cons of dating foreign and local guys based on our personal experiences:

Dating a Local

Pro Can easily communicate since they speak your native language
Con Some guys can’t say what they actually mean to say in the fear of you getting mad or something

Somewhere on the internet

Pro Most likely knows all the hippest places for a great date
Con Both of you had bad memories of that place
Pro You get to meet their friends
Con Which consist of mostly girls


Pro Probably has a stable work near your office
Con He's on a different shift
Pro You can just see each other whenever you want
Con But since you both have strict parents, you can’t really travel far from Metro Manila
Pro Meeting his parents if things get pretty serious
Con He’s 30 and still living with his parents
Pro Would tolerate your “strict parents” situation
Con But somehow still don’t manage to understand how you feel (like, WTF right???)

Pro You don’t have to explain your deep-rooted Filipino traditions and what culture your province has
Con His parents don’t like where you come from (cause it happens sadly)

Dating a Foreigner

Pro He comes from an interesting land far, far away
Con He has to return to his land far, far away
Pro He'll most likely be openminded cause of your different cultures
Con He can get a bit judgy about the really weird stuff we normally do or believe in
Pro It's sexy and romantic how he can swoon you in another language
Con He sometimes forgets you don’t speak his language and for some reason randomly blabbers in his native tongue

Pro Most likely adventurous and would take you to fun, outgoing dates
Con You’ll have a difficult time explaining and asking for permission about excessive traveling to your parents


Pro He's always early for a date
Con You’re literally always late for a date so…


Pro He's so eager to know more about you and your country which gives you so much to talk about
Con It can be difficult to meet halfway if there's something you don't agree on
Pro Probably is tall, has blue or green eyes and abs (yaaas gurl u get that!)
Con You get really judgy looks from people when you walk hand in hand in public (yaaas gurl u get that a lot too)
Pro You get to meet their friends and/or parents if things get pretty serious - which is a super awesome feeling btw
Con You’re actually super anxious about what his friends and/or parents think of you especially when they start talking in their own language like, omg do they think I'm a bad person? Do they think I dress too bad? Do they even like me for their friend/son? Are they judging my culture already? You'll very know.

But of course, it still remains that whoever you wanna date or wherever this guy came from, we just hope he treats you right. 

Go for it, girl!

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