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The Makings of an Icon: The Colorful Everyday of Tessa Prieto-Valdes

The Makings of an Icon: The Colorful Everyday of Tessa Prieto-Valdes

There’s probably nobody who’s anybody who doesn’t know who Tessa Prieto-Valdes is. With her chic flamboyant style, she is guaranteed to light up the room and turn heads wherever she goes.

This fashion designer, columnist, celebrity-socialite, athlete, and philanthropist is surely an icon of her own right who we look up to. Her carefree style and humility inspires our vision of an upsized life. 

We’re pretty sure you are also itching to know un-googlable details about this inspiring woman. Fortunately, we were able to have a chat with her and took note of her tips!

On Style

As we all know, Tessa’s style is uniquely different. Keeping true to her own signature and love for color, we’ve never seen her go with trends but rather starting them. 

Since she admits that she also repeats clothes but gave us a tip to mix and match outfits with different accessories. And she doesn't own jeans!

Her favorite fashion pieces, as you may have guessed, are her hats and lashes because they’re so versatile. 

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Tessa’s favorite makeup brand is Mac Cosmetics and she can’t stay away from their lippies too. But just like any of us, Tessa likes affordable brands too. Her favorite is Watsons cause it's got everything she could need.

When it comes to a piece we can't leave home without, to us it's earrings - Tessa can’t leave home without a padded bra!

On People

We can imagine Tessa, with all her business endeavors and a packed social calendar, to be very busy. So it was nice to hear how she also relies and trusts in others in helping her handle things. 

We just love how she acknowledges the people who helps her through her everyday tasks, recognizing that these people are part of her successes too.

She like to host and attend parties. And in these, she always makes sure that she’s dressed to the nines because she also knows how it feels do organize a party where no one shows up excitedly dressed.

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On Shopping

Tessa is a self-proclaimed serious shopper. She’s a hoarder like you, making our habit of buying a really cute shirt in every available color seem kind of normal. She tells us she likes to hoard Watsons' hand soaps because they're really nice and practical to use and give as gifts to her friends!

On Physical Activities and Self-Care

Occasional running, golf, swim-bike-run, and yoga. She believes that once the body stops moving, it regresses. She also heads to the beach every weekend to keep her mind and body fresh away from the polluted city. Tessa tells us how important it is to put sunblock, moisturize, and hydrate.

She’s also currently doing some piano lessons (and laughs cause she’s still mastering Happy Birthday) as she says this is her “anti-Alzheimer’s thing” to keep her mind moving as well.

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On Life

She was unapologetic in recognizing the popular opinion that life drastically changes in your late 40s/early 50s. She tells us to never stop being yourself - just be who you want to be.

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Her brother’s passing in his 30s was the turning point of her life (which reflected in her style). She realized how life is short. She tells us to have daily goals and live to the fullest.

On Getting Older

"I’m gonna be 50 something something. Should I act my age? Well, I think that if you can still physically do what you want to do, continue because it can be an inspiration to others. There's no point in not being true to yourself. Just be who you want to be."

On Living an Upsized Life

"Embrace your uniqueness. There’s something that you, yourself, can give to the world. You’re the only one who can do that. Create your own sunshine, create your own happiness. You don't have to look around for what makes you happy - start with yourself.

Be a joy to somebody else. Be a blessing to others. Being alive is already a blessing. No matter what the situation is, God wouldn’t give you a test you can’t manage. You don't have to focus so much on a problem. The solution is just always there. To figure it out, step back and breathe. 

My @watsonsph family is growing more beautiful !!! #watsonsph #switchandsave love ❤️ our new TVC

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Believe in the good in everybody. I met the Dalai Lama and he said it doesn't matter what religion you are and what god you pray to. You just have to create a positive energy through your faith with acceptance and gratefulness to radiate it.

Be the goodness you want to see."

She is definitely our #Goals. Keep doing you, Ms. Tessa!



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