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How to Make the Holidays More Significant

How to Make the Holidays More Significant

How do you make a special holiday even more significant?

That’s probably one of the questions that you ask yourself every year when this season comes around.  We’ve already delineated how to make the last two months of 2016 count and tips on how to make your party extra-awesome.

There is no need to be pressured to take a trip to the farthest part of the planet or an adventure that would scare you a lot. There’s no need to spend your 13th month pay on vacations that are only good for your Instagram account, not necessarily for your well-being.

Making the holidays mean so much more than Christmas trees, twinkling lights, and great food is way easier than you think. Here are some ideas that might just make this season just a tad merrier.


Invite a friend, or a relative you haven’t seen for years, for dinner.


Take a few days off and spend them in the province.

Your grandparents and cousins are missing you. You miss the fresh air only the unpolluted paradise can produce. You want to taste the fruits directly picked from the trees and not bought from the department store.

All of these can be solved by going back and visiting your grandparents or relatives in the province, oh-so far away from the stress of the metro.  A few days of immersing yourself in the province could probably bring back the youthful glow that might have been lost from all the stress brought by city life.

Christmas is about family. Celebrate it with them. 

Try out voluntourism.

If you’re a wanderer and at the same time looking for something worthwhile to spend your time in, there’s a fun and hip way of doing both. A quick Google search of voluntourism can offer you a lot of options to do something that could both be fun and meaningful.

Join a fun run!

Of course you can still have that dessert (or desserts), provided you made sure there’ll be space for it. One sure fun way of burning calories is through a fun run where you can also channel your competitive spirit. Healthy is happy!

Give back.


No matter what the year 2016 gave us, the holiday season is the time to share something to the less fortunate. We’ve heard all those people who warned us not to give money to the poor for fear of being scammed, but this holiday season, pause the pessimism for a while and give something to those who have none. A kid in the street might appreciate a candy or two. An old, blind man playing his guitar might like it if you pause, drop a penny, clap a little. The little things usually count the most.

How you celebrate the holidays will always depend on how you view the world. It’s not a matter of having the best. Making the holidays mean so much more will always depend on who you share it with or how you spend it.

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