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How Does Your Christmas Smell Like?

How Does Your Christmas Smell Like?

More often than not, the Christmas season is characterized by everything wonderful to the eyes - from sparkling lights that illuminates the streets to giant trees trimmed with huge, colorful ornaments. Our eyes are always held in fascination in finding how majestically wondrous the familiar roads we go through everyday become during the holidays.

What's more amazing about this season is how the breeze changes as well. Just as Christmas looks different to each and every one, it smells different as well. Some Christmases smell of Toffee Nut Lattes and warm bread on a sunny morning. Some smell like hot bibingka and fresh sampaguita on a dewy daybreak.

But every year, we love the changing vibe of celebrating our favorite holiday through our sense of smell. As much as lights and music get us in the holiday spirit, here are some of the scents that personally reminds us of Christmas.

Voluspa Panjoree Lychee

This was given as a gift to me after a stage performance on Christmas of 2012 and it has changed the way I remember the season ever since. It was a big pink, sweet-smelling candle that filled our house with this certain festive and luxe vibe. We light it up on Christmas eve ever since.
— Luna

Voluspa candles are available in the Philippines at Shelter

Winter Candy Apple by Bath & Body Works

The smell of Bath & Body Works’ Winter Candy Apple products remind me of Christmas because my grandmother always gave this to me during this season. It gives off that fruity and sweet smell that I always loved and it’s only available during Christmas!
— Hanna

Winter Candy Apple is available at Bath & Body Works

Lanvin Éclat d' Arpège

Christmas denotes the end of the year for me and during this time, I like to reminisce all the good things that happened and it is this scent that accompanies me with that. It is the smell of a good year and another great one coming. I love it because it is unique and it makes me feel good.
— Angelina

Get your own bottle from Lazada.

Leche Flan

It was my mom’s specialty and tradition to make these delicious treats to give out as gifts every Christmas. The luscious smell of the milk, eggs, and sugar mix that fills our house just reminds me of her and of happy Christmas mornings.

Try your luck at making one of these. Check out the recipe here.

Puto Bumbong (Steamed Glutinous Rice)

This purple-colored dessert made of rice cooked in bamboo tubes is what an authentic Filipino Christmas is for me. The way the cool holiday breeze wafts the steam of freshly cooked puto bumbong towards my way just perfectly hits the spot. When I smell this, for sure, I’m home.
— Arnie

This delightful treat is usually available on the streets or near the local church during the season. If you want to try to make your own, check out the recipe here.


How about you? What scent reminds you of Christmas?

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