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Are You Ready for 2017?

Are You Ready for 2017?

Four more days before we bid goodbye to 2016 and no matter what the last 360+ days 2016 gave us, it’s time to come to terms with a whole new year of adventure waiting for us.

How do we prepare for a year yet to be filled with fun and melancholic memories?  How can we make the most of next year? How can we go big with our career plans, travel ideas, and relationship goals?

Here are some things we should not forget as we welcome 2017 with beaming smiles and open minds and hearts.

Leave the heartbreaks, the disappointments, and the doubts of the past year.

We will not let 2016 determine our 2017. Breaking up, getting fired from a job, and falling out with friends are now part of the past. We’ll only allow friendships gained, lessons learned and new dreams to stay. We’ll remember that relationships not working out are pieces of advice that camouflaged as pain. We’ll close that door filled with heartbreaks. A new door is about to open and something awesome is waiting. Don't just bring the good memories with you, take the lessons learned from the negative moments as well. 

Try not to plan too much.

Yes, there are instances when too much planning is not good. If we plan every minute of every day, there won’t be enough room for life to surprise us. And there are amazing things that only the universe can think about and those things may or may not be in our planner. Let’s be prepared with that 2017 has in store for us but also allow it to give us happy, unexpected moments.

Face life head on.

Quitting, sometimes, sounds too good and it’s usually the worthwhile endeavors that make us pause. We’ll do well if we do not forget how possible winning and achieving still is if we do not give up. The five pounds we want to trim out of our body through exercise can be done with the right mindset.

Note: No one does a better job of motivating yourself more than you could - or maybe Shia can do the trick too.

Count our blessings before we complain.

With the continuous rise of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, comparison between acquaintances and friends has also been on an upward trend. We were happy with our studio apartment, with our single life, up until our friends on Facebook posted something more, not necessarily better, just more. Comparison is the key to discontent.

Look at the beautiful things about your life that make you you and appreciate that.

Discover more places.

Life is meant to be savored slowly. Going places have now just become easier and much more affordable, thanks to seat sales. Our 2017 would be much more beautiful and exciting if we let other culture, foreign and local places, and strangers color our lives. The other side of the country, or the globe, might just be what we need to make next year unlike any other.

We may not yet be ready to leave 2016 behind, but 2017 is ready to surprise us. Let’s keep in mind how important that in three days, or four, we’ll be more of everything.

We’ll be kinder. We’ll be braver. We’ll be more forgiving. We’ll be more patient. 

We’ll live. We’ll laugh. And we’ll fall in love. With life and everything it has to offer.

Get yourself ready to leap into another colorful year. 2017 is ours! 

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