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What Will You Be Giving Up to Welcome 2017?

What Will You Be Giving Up to Welcome 2017?

Are you excited for 2017 or are you really excited for 2017? High five if you can tell from that question how much we look forward to next year. 2016, according to most of the people from social media, has been the year they thought were theirs but apparently not. However, if you had looked back at 2016 with us, you'd know that the past 12 months were not all that bad. 

In three days, we’re about to welcome a brand new year - one untainted with regrets and unfulfilled expectations. 

Instead of writing up a long list of resolutions you surely never do, how about try giving up one thing in 2017. Yes, yes, we know that this is actually the time for acquisition, the time for getting more, for receiving presents, but don’t you think giving up something could be a little gift to yourself, wrapped in certainty that something’s good is on the way. Plus, you have 365 days to make it happen.


Give up procrastination.

How many times in the past year, or in your life for that matter, have you failed just because you waited at the last minute before doing something? We get it. It feels so good to be able to pass a report that has been waiting in your desk for a month just to do it two hours before the deadline. As much as the adrenaline rush and a little drama in life are good, you can’t conduct the rest of your life waiting for the last minute to do something.  This 2017, when you give up putting off things for later, you’ll appreciate how much beautiful is the present.

Give up relationships that are not working out.

Let’s leave all things toxic behind. And yes, that includes the friendship that’s maybe a little one-sided, or a love interest that’s maybe just not that into you. You owe it to yourself to find someone who values you the same way you value him. Being in a relationship with a person, be it platonic or romantic, is much more than the label.

Give up the fear of fear.

You did not go to that audition because you thought you’re not going to make it anyway. You did not meet someone a friend set you up with since he is out of your league. Admit it, there were opportunities missed simply because you were afraid. Fear is paralyzing. It doesn’t help you get you where you want to be. It helps you get stuck. Give up fear and ace that new interview for a new job. Give up fear and meet someone amazing who’ll help you define love.

Give up pride (slowly and not too much).

That friend from college you stopped talking to for no reason at all except lack of time and now getting back in touch sounds so hard. That task you didn’t take because you thought it was beneath you, but could have helped you grow in your chosen profession. These things happen thanks to that thing called pride, and no, it doesn't help you at all when you have just too much of it. Giving pride up (for worthy causes, of course) will lighten the heck out of your life.

Give up a bad habit.

A habit determines the trajectory of your life. So, if you have a bad one, and you’re aware of it, ditch it. Be it smoking, drinking, gambling, or just simply eating too much, you gain nothing from bad habits other than health concerns and worries.

There is something about new years that make fresh starts sound much more legit. On the midnight of December 31st, a fresh start will be handed to you on a golden platter. Take advantage of it and be the person you were always destined to be. 


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