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5 Movies You Should Catch on Cinemas This February

5 Movies You Should Catch on Cinemas This February

2018 was literally just getting started! January sure felt long as heck but here we are waiting for the 28 days of February to unfold. If there's anything we love looking forward to and don't mind waiting for, it's movies. 

There are a lot of interesting selections and productions out this month that we're simply excited to see. Here are the awesome movies out this February:

07 February

I, Tonya


Daring, insane, and funny, I, Tonya tells the story of Tonya Harding, a competitive ice skater who rose among the ranks at the US Figure Skating Championship. All goes well until her future in the sport is thrown into doubt when her ex-husband intervenes.

Make sure you catch Margot Robbie in this movie cause she is amazing! Starring alongside her are Sebastian Stan and Allison Janney among others.

14 February

Black Panther


Who isn't waiting for this movie to come out? The trailers, the Kendrick Lamar-filled soundtrack, and the red carpet are already giving us major goosebumps!

This star-studded Marvel movie tells the back story of Black Panther and how he came to be. We probably don't even have to tell you about it. Just make sure you don't miss it!

21 Feb

The Post

Fushar TV

This Steven Spielberg directed and produced American political thriller tells the true story of The Washington Post journalists and their attempts to publish the Pentagon Papers which are classified documents about the 30-year involvement of the US in the Vietnam War.

You'd love this film if you like these genre of films. If you don't though, still don't miss it. This movie doesn't only have a well-renowned director and producer, it is also starred by the bests in the business - Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, Sarah Paulson, and Bob Odenkirk are in this movie among many others.

The Shape of Water

Baret News Wire

I'm personally very excited for this movie. Yet another ~I think~ niche market movie from this list is The Shape of Water. Don't expect anything less from the Guillermo del Toro. The teaser of this movie alone gives a vibe of how the whole movie's gonna run.

This fantasy film is basically about a mute custodian at a high-security government laboratory who befriends and seemingly falls in love with a humanoid-amphibian creature. Remember that del Toro is the genius behind Pan's Labyrinth. This movie is already recognized and awarded so make sure you see it in the big screen. 

28 Feb

Red Sparrow

Flickering Myth

If there's anyone we missed seeing on the silver screen, it's our girl, Jennifer Lawrence. After Mother!, we just can't wait to see more from her. Thank goodness that she's starring as a prima ballerina in this American spy thriller film where her world basically turns around with her ending up to be the top spy.

February looks like it's gonna be filled with a handful of women-empowering films and this is definitely one of those that top our list. Who doesn't love seeing Jennifer Lawrence kicking ass, amirite? #goals

*Post photo from Maxim.

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