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13 Reasons Why You Should Watch 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why You Should Watch 13 Reasons Why

What a time to be alive.

We remember the days when talking about sexuality, depression, anxiety, religion, race, and everyday politics were so taboo that no one ever really talks about it in the open. There was nothing in the popular media that discussed these topics which left our generation quite closeted.

We'd like to believe that it is this generation that led to the openness of these issues. That there is no shame and absolutely nothing wrong in talking about these things that actually happens in everyday life.

And with that, we're pretty sure that you've been hearing about 13 Reasons Why, a Netflix original series based on a novel - unless you've been living under a rock. 

Basically the premise of the story is this: A teenage girl kills herself and she's got 13 Reasons Why.

We won't divulge so much info on the story but we have 13 reasons on why you should totally watch it.

1. It's pretty relatable for all anyone.

Basically, the setting of the show is mostly at a modern day high school. Involved in the story are the teens (of course), their parents, their teachers, a counselor, and more peers and acquaintances.


We'd say it pretty much relatable to all because somehow it covers a little bit, if not a lot, of the backstory of each and every one of the characters. Also because we're pretty sure you can associate yourself with one of the many characters in the story.


2. It covers issues that people should talk about especially for teens.

There's talk about teenage sex, parenting, different forms of bullying, depression at a young age, love, and acceptance. It's very much embedded on the human emotions that you'd totally be hooked once you begin watching.


We think it's pretty much safe to say that the older generation really do have the responsibility of these teens who will hold and become the future. It shows both sides of every teen and parent's story.


3. The actors are really good.

There are some familiar faces in the show but watching them give life to their characters in the show made us forget for a while that these young actors are simply actors. There are also a lot of newcomers who really gave justice to their character.


Actors bring the show to life. Regardless of how amazing the storyline is, if the actors portraying the story are not so good, then it's not a good show. So kudos to the casting director!


4. The thrill is subtle and very in-depth.

Come to think of it, it's basically your average ordinary teenage story where the kids fall in love and experiment and do crazy stuff. But with every act, scene, and episode, the thrill of the show increases and leaves you dumbfounded. 


You'll realize that sometimes, if not most of the time, teenage angst and anxiety is deeply rooted somewhere. The main character's death and elaborate plans provided so much thrill to the show and the characters playing around it gave it justice.


5. A whole lotta eye candy.

On a lighter note, you'd probably binge-watch this show because of the eye-candies. Take Ross Butler for example who plays Zach Dempsey (and is also on Riverdale!). He's breaking the internet right now, I mean...


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What about the heartthrob Justin Foley who is played by Brandon Flynn.


A post shared by Brandon Flynn (@flynnagin11) on

Or even timid Alex Standall played by Miles Heizer.

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Or Clay Jensen (played by Dylan Minnette) and Tony (played by Christian Navarro)


Even the girls are gorgeous. Just look at the haunting beauty of Hannah Baker who is played by Katherine Langford.


~ Millennial 👽💬🎮📞📱👻🗽 #2WeeksNYC

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And Sheri Holland who is played by Ajiona Alexus. She can slay!


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6. You'll end up reflecting on your own choices.

Hannah can be naive and in some instances, you may even get annoyed at how naive she is in making these stupid decisions. However, after every episode, when you try to take a break from the heaviness of the show, you'd realize that in some way, you and Hannah share similarities or perhaps you'd see a bit of yourself in other characters.


7. You'll be more open to understanding other people.

Why and how could someone think or even firmly decide to end their life? Most people, even to this day, would think it stupid to even get that idea. However, sometimes, and you'd realize it from the show, when everything in life is just too much and too heavy for you and for some reason you're feeling more alone than ever, you'd just want everything to stop.


With the current rise of social media, we've become all too quick to judge. This show opens an insight on how we should be understanding and openminded on how other people feel and what they could possibly be going through.

8. There are a lot of lessons you'll learn from it.

As mentioned, there are a lot of issues covered in the show. The movement of the plot perfectly showcases the problems, the struggles, and the lessons to be learned. 


Not only with the younger characters will you learn something from but from the parents as well. Basically, this show did all the major mistakes you could possibly make and tells you about the lessons you should take from these.


9. It gives a major throwback to older audiences.

And by older we don't mean just the people in their 40s or 30s. 20s you're in this too.

Personally, I was bullied back in high school. Just like the rest of the group in the show, high school was dark times for me. Probably I was just able to endure, extend my patience, and fight strong but watching it felt like looking back at my own story.


I was able to compare myself with Hannah and saw the similarities and difference of why she decided to end things and why I decided to push through life.

10. It makes you feel many things.

For one, again personally, seeing myself in Hannah's shoes, I realized how much things have changed since I went through that phase. I grew stronger and more openminded to things.


It's like each character is tailor-fit to represent every possible personality. Every episode will make you both laugh and cry and angry and annoyed and many more.

11. The entire show is very well done.

Netflix creates really good originals. This is no exception. Just a quick segue, did you know that Selena Gomez produced this show?

Screenplay is so good that it will keep you hungover on the story. And just when you thought you can just press pause and watch the next episode on another day, you just won't cause the cliffhangers at the end are so good, they will keep you on your toes.

12. You'll somewhat understand suicidal thoughts (especially with young people).

Suicide has been pretty common with the younger age. Probably because they lack support and understanding from the people around them cause usually the supposedly older and wiser generation would think that their problems are too petty to worry about.


Watching this show would help you understand how these teens aspire to be someone someday and that they deserve your compassion. They will make mistakes, sure, but they will truly learn from them. People who are suffering from depression and anxiety are not attention-whores. They're just looking for someone to understand where they're coming from cause most of the time, they're simply lost in life.

I mean, aren't we all though? 

13. It's a one-season-thirteen-episode show.

True to it's title, we love how this was made so much because of the wittiness embedded in it. It's a quick watch that you may or may not handle to binge-watch (it can be pretty heavy) on a weekend.


Quick info though: While watching this, remember that this is a show. In spite of its desire to address teenage issues, they might still get some things wrong so don't be too indulged with the show.

Some scenes can get pretty heavy. There was one post we read that this show is not advisable for people still heavily suffering from depression and having suicidal thoughts.

If you are one of these people and are keen on watching it, please please please do watch it with someone. If you don't have someone to watch it with, please please please message us. We're one Facebook chat or Instagram DM away.

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