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Move On From Your Breakup with Mend #UpsizeTries

Move On From Your Breakup with Mend #UpsizeTries

The modern world is currently revolving around a technological lifestyle - the internet to be more specific. Aside from several selections of websites that can cater to our every need, the use of apps are also on the rise.

From flight bookings to daily reads to productivity trackers, there seems to be an app for everything. Even matters of the heart.

Online dating has evolved from websites to apps but now, it's no longer limited to finding friends and romance. Alas, there is help for the matters of your worried heart.

Introducing, Mend - your personal trainer for heartbreaks.

Moving on and picking yourself back up is now easier and accessible especially when you simply want to deal with things personally first. 

The app, spearheaded by a former Google employee, opens to this inviting welcome screen that will take you to your first step towards transforming yourself.

On the next screen, they ask you for your name so they could address you more personally.

As you can see, they have an option for emergency cases immediately. There are just times, especially for fresh break-ups where we just tend to feel a bit suicidal because it hurts so much which is okay, by the way.

Clicking that link opens a web page that redirects you to this page from their site...

...which basically provides advice to get professional help - in the worst case that you really can't handle your strong emotions anymore.

After providing your first name to the app, it takes you to a page where they ask you about the main reason why you split up with your significant other. You can only choose one which makes you actually start reflecting on what went wrong (I chose I have no idea just cause I'm not actually breaking up with anyone and wanted to show you guys how it works).

Then you will be asked when you had your breakup. Nothing unusual. Maybe calculating since when and how you've been handling your situation (like a boss we hope!) before you sought for help. 

I put my pretend break-up on this year's new year.

You can choose to save your breakup data to track your progress or just skip it.

It then takes you on a short and straightforward tour of how the app works. Then you can start mending.

Clicking the Start Mending button takes you to this short voice recording of Elle, Mend's founder, giving a short introduction of how the app works.

What we loved about her intro too is that she explains that craving (her term) for your ex is totally normal, human, and is actually scientific. She briefly goes through some scientific explanations as to why we feel the way we feel when we undergo breaking up with someone.

This alone can already sort of make you feel better about how you're feeling. She says to be sad about it and to be looking for the comfort of being with your ex is normal and that it will pass. 

You cannot click the Complete button until you've finished listening to her recording which is pretty okay since it's only a couple of minutes anyway.

Then you get asked about how you're feeling for the day...

...as well as how your breakup is affecting your daily activities.

I personally found this nice because when we go through breakups, sometimes we just want someone to ask how we are, right?

It then directs you to a page where you can just release all of your thoughts and let Mend know what you want to get out of investing in the app. Not only will this help you ease your pain a bit, but also help the app to know what your expectations are and how to reach them.


After this, you're basically done with starting up. You can already click around and figure your way out of being stuck in the breakup rut with the help of Mend.

Our verdict: We're loving this app actually. It's very helpful because it lets you openly and privately write about your feelings on a journal. Pretty much like talking to your closest friend who just happened to be far away so you're just exchanging texts. But instead of waiting on your "friend's" response, she lets you talk your heart out before giving her inputs.

We also love that this app's interface comes in very calming shades of blue which according to psychology is the color of trust, peace, order, and loyalty.

Mend is currently available just iOS. But Android users don't fret, you can always visit their website and read through their advice page or listen to their podcasts

You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

If you've tried this app or are eager to try it out, let us know what you think and help other sisters cope. 

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