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Recycled Gifts: We Got Them Too

Recycled Gifts: We Got Them Too

Every year, we get an abundance of marvelous gifts - at least the lucky ones of us do. Sometimes, if not most of the time, we get gifts we don't like or get gifts that someone seemed to not have liked. Either way, most of us probably had the chance to encounter these so-called "recycled gifts".

Some of these can be totally useless while some are just too awesome you don't even understand why your gifter decided to recycle it. Here are our top picks of our fair shares of recycled gift stories you could probably totally relate to:

This Very Specific Gold Clutch

There just happened to be a very specific story for this one. She just had to put it out there.


*not actual photo of the clutch we're talking about

Seriously, who still even uses these things? Do you know how it feels to have this gifted to you by your hip grandma who tastefully prefers Marc Jacobs and Givenchy clutches because for some reason maybe she thought you'd have some use for this piece? Yeah. That's it.

You never actually had the chance to recycle this gift and it peacefully sits somewhere on your storage closet now.


This is "supposedly" a really awesome gift because we love food so much...

...but it was recycled for a reason. You're awesome though because you won't recycle this one. Mainly too because you ate half of it thinking you'd find a good tasting one. These chocolates has probably been passed on for many generations cause somehow it has gone stale and sad.

Lucky you are if you get a really good one.


Not too bad of a gift actually.


Let's be honest - you are probably one of the main recyclers of this gift. Pretty acceptable to do it with this item though cause we, most especially women, prefer a specific scent. Let the good smells go around getting recycled until it finds a good home.


Puts the element of surprise in gift giving.

Don't get us wrong, we love makeup. But just like perfumes, we have different preferences and shades that match our skin color and type. They probably recycled the gift since the cosmetic piece is totally not their shade. If you like it, be thankful and make sure it hasn't been opened yet (at least).

Picture Frame

AKA: The eternal gift for anyone at anytime


Remember that time when your not-so-close uncle gave you this as a gift on the Christmas of 2014? It's already basically midway in the age of technology and you just stick your instax photos on your wall so you had no use of this and so you recycled it as well. You just know he recycled it  as well because your uncle doesn't even like photos - or Star Wars.

This is probably the most recycled gift in modern history (you can quote us on that). 

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