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 5 Tried and Tested Tips to Getting Over a Hangover

5 Tried and Tested Tips to Getting Over a Hangover

Getting a hangover can be quite a shot (no pun intended). Imagine waking up in the morning after too much partying - groggy and with a splitting headache. Terrible, right? I should know. I’ve had quite a few of hangovers myself. As one grows older, this unfortunate consequence from drunken stupor tends to get worse. It’s your body’s way of telling you that you’re no longer in college and that you have to start going easy on the alcohol. 

Being the smart #TitaofManila that I am, I’ve taken to heart these five tried and tested ways to getting over a hangover, stat: 

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. 

The unbelievable amount of alcohol you chugged down at last night’s party will wreak havoc on your system. To get you back in shape, drink lots of water to flush out all that margarita. 

Go for the fat.

Best to eat that greasy hotdog for brekkie. Yep, you read that one right. All that oil will help replace the fatty acids in your system to help break down the alcohol that is already damaging your liver. Not too keen on the idea? Try grabbing a veggie smoothie instead. This way, you slowly re-nourish your body with the antioxidants and minerals lost from too much drinking. 

Load up on potassium.

We see that big question mark in your eyes. One of the fastest ways to flush out the toxins from the alcohol is via coconut water or banana which has lots of potassium and electrolytes which were depleted because you chugged down that bottle of scotch. Try drinking coconut water right after drinking and when you wake up the day after. Let us know if you still experience headaches after. 

Stop the urge to throw up. 

The impulse to throw up is one of the major symptoms of a hangover. To start coping with nausea, brew the strongest ginger tea that you can and drink it while it’s hot. Again, the stronger, the better. A pinch of salt on your tongue can go a long way, too. 

5.    Avoid the shot glass. 

Even if you think that you can still down another gulp of alcohol into your system, it’s best to stay far away from another bottle. Your liver hasn’t even fully recovered yet and you’re about to do more damage to it again? Go for hot water with lemon instead. Not only will it calm your nerves, it will also help your body system function better. 

If you have other tips to prevent the onslaught of a hangover, do share them with us on the comments section!

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