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Outfit Ideas for the Unsure Weather

Outfit Ideas for the Unsure Weather

Ever since the -ber months came, the weather has been overly unpredictable. It can really be annoying to end up feeling very cold or very hot because you wore the wrong outfit.

The other day, I woke up to a cool and drizzly morning - the perfect for staying in bed kind. Naturally I didn't want to be cold the whole day so I wore a pullover jacket over a tank top - only to end up sweating like a pig two hours after I left the house because the sun just somehow decided to show up.

It wasn't a cute sight, trust me. 

But you don't have to go through sweating and not being cute! Here are some outfits we put together so you can be ready for anything that happens to your day!


1. For the cool diva

Go for a laid back chic look with this get up.

Steal this look: 

  • Green bomber jacket
  • White tank top
  • Dark wash skinny jeans
  • Black sneakers
  • Silver statement studs
  • Black tote

In cold times: The green bomber jacket is all the hots right now - just the perfect piece to keep you warm.

In warm times: Take off the jacket and hang it on your shoulder or tie it around your waist for instant curvaliciousness!


2. For the rock chick

Show off your rockstar side with this outfit!

Steal this look:

  • Black statement dress
  • Black tights
  • Black leather jacket
  • Black ankle booties
  • Gold rings

In cold times: The tights + booties + jacket combo is guaranteed to keep you warm!

In warm times: Hang the jacket on your back or on your arm. The tights are breathable enough to give some air to your legs.


3. For the flower child

Cute and flirty!

Steal this look:

  • Belted floral dress
  • Knee-high socks
  • Ballet flats
  • Cardigan
  • Silver dangling earrings
  • Simple silver necklace

In cold times: The cardigan and the high socks will do the trick!

In warm times: Tie the cardigan preppy style. You can also roll your knee-high socks down for instant cool + cuteness! You'd look like you're wearing ankle booties!

*Note: Feel free to change the black pieces to brown ones or neutral-colored ones depending on whichever suits your dress best. Make sure your florals pop!


4. For the lazy chic

Us, tbh.

Steal this look:

  • Knit pullover sweater
  • Infinity scarf
  • Black leggings
  • White slip-ons
  • Brown doctor's bag
  • Rose gold studs

In cold times: Fabulously wear your scarf! Best worn when getting a warm soy latte on an early morning weekday.

In warm times: Take off your scarf and pull up your sleeves. Just the right warmth.


5. For a casual, relaxed afternoon

Find your perfect statement tee and mix and match colors to show off your personality.

Steal this look:

  • Statement tee
  • Denim shorts
  • Sneakers
  • Long jacket
  • Scarf
  • Pearl earrings

In cold times: Cozy up in your long jacket. Let it cover your legs in case you get extra cold. You can also use your scarf to warm up.

In warm times: Simply remove your jacket and scarf!


What's your outfit ideas for the unsure weather? Tell us about it!

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