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Styling It Up Big Time

Styling It Up Big Time

Fashion has become a democracy. Gone are the days of the waif supermodel and sample sizes! Welcome to an era where body image has taken on a more positive perspective. This is a time of fashion labels producing collections that cater beyond model sizes. This is the day where plus-sized women with real curves front ad campaigns.

Along with the array of options, the fashionable, plus-sized woman can find herself in a quandary. What clothes do I choose that flatter me and my figure the best?

Prints, please! 

The old rule was to if you were on the heavy side, dress in all black. But who wants to look like a Sicilian widow in mourning day in, day out? We say prints can work for you. The right pattern, the correct color can do wonders for one’s figure. One just has to choose the print carefully. Avoid large, busy prints. Stay away from gaudy, unflattering colors.

Material Girl

Look for material that flatters your figure. Fabrics that do not crease easily like silk cotton give you a neat silhouette. Jersey clings to the body and can be unforgiving. But with the right undergarments and bodyshapers, one can achieve a frame that looks lean and streamlined.

Size Up

Fit is everything. Heavy-set women tend to wear clothes that are either too loose or too tight for them. This is a grave mistake. Clothes that fit perfectly spell the difference between looking sloppy or looking sharp. Find clothes of the right length and fit. They should cover your body in a way that doesn’t make them look too baggy or too hemmed in. Your best bet is finding something that has a bit of stretch.

Comfort Zone

This involves an interplay of material and fit. Fabric that is too constricting or too thick can be uncomfortable. Try on something light and airy. Try on something that feels good to your skin. Avoid cumbersome details like too many buttons, constricting collars, or tight waistbands. Comfort should still be your top priority. Go for something simple but stunning.

Style Big

This is where your personal stamp comes in. Avoid items that are too trendy. Go for investment pieces. A good leather belt, a good pair of heels with the right height, a well-fitting a blazer, a stylish LBD. These are staples and are items that you will wear over and over again. Splurge a bit if you must on these items because they will be worth it in the long run. And always, add a flair to you looks. Accessorize appropriately. Add a punch of color. Mix things up every now and then.

Remember the rules have changed. Wear prints but do so with caution. Find the right size for you. Nothing too big or too tight. You can wear almost anything but the length, fit and color, material matter. From the body positivity movement, plus-sized girls wear crop tops now, right? Just keep in mind there’s more to you to love.


Tell us about your style choices! We'd love to hear them on the comments below.

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