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5 reasons why you should end your summer in Guimaras

5 reasons why you should end your summer in Guimaras

Looking for that place where to spend the last few days of the summer season?

Allow us to give you a suggestion on where to go and what to do while you’re there. If you’re getting tired of the fast-paced life in the city, there’s a place in the Visayas that offers a quieter escape, off the beaten path destinations where food, nature, and festivals come together in a symphonic balance that transcends Instagrammable posts.

From Iloilo City, take a fifteen-minute boat ride from Ortiz Port which will will take you to the Guimaras commercial capital of Jordan. From here, you’ll be welcomed by sights that will remind you on what makes a place truly special.


    Yes, there are windmills in Guimaras. If you have appreciated the windmills of Bangui, Ilocos Norte, then you’ll also be as amazed as when you visit the windmills in this province. Built to support the power supply need of Guimaras and its neighboring provinces, the 27 windmills in San Lorenzo (as of November 2014) provide 54 megawatts of electricity, more than enough to fulfill the 13-megawatt power supply need of the province.

    Erected on the hilly terrain of San Lorenzo, the recent years have also shown the growing interest of tourists where some hold photo shoots and prenup shots.


    When visiting Guimaras, your first stop should always be its most famous produce: mangoes. Dubbed the mango capital of the country, Guimaras is world-famous for growing the sweetest mangoes. This summer, we welcome the Mango season and the spotlight is once again focused on the country’s national fruit. With its uniquely, found only-in-the island kind of sweetness, Guimaras mangoes are dubbed to be Philippines’ best.

    Highlighting the importance of the mango industry in the province is its contribution to the economic growth of Guimaras. It’s also a fun fact that as of 2013, there are already 151,000 mango trees in a province with 174,613 people (based on the 2015 census).


    If you’re really looking for quiet and space where you can think, make sure to drop by the Trappist Monastery in Jordan. An offshoot of the Cisterian Order of Monks, the Trappist Monastery was built in 1972. Strictly following St. Benedict’s rule of austerity, silence, and prayers, this is the only Trappist Monastery in the Philippines finding its refuge in laidback Guimaras.

    From the chapel, the gift shop, to the green spaces for a quiet meditation, a visit at this monastery might just be the dose of serenity you need.


    To better discover the province, island hopping is a must. In finding the best place to stay, Andana Resort has you covered. Offering scenic views of crystal blue waters and lush greens, Andana Resort in Nueva Valencia, southwest of Guimaras is one of the best choices should you decide to extend your stay in the province for a day, or a week. You’ll never get tired of the sights anyway.

    Whether you’re going with friends or with family, Andana Resort offers rooms and amenities that are ideal for whatever kind of travel you’re into. Know more about Andana Resort here.


    Its subtle charm infused with its historic significance makes Guisi Lighthouse a must when in Guimaras. Found in Brgy. Dolores in Nueva Valencia, Guisi Lighthouse is quite a drive, but the views will make the travel worth it.

    Built during the Spanish era, 1894-1896, Guisi Lighthouse is the second oldest lighthouse in the country.

For an itinerary that will make sure you will drop by all these stops, check out MG Travel and Tours. For more information, check out their website.

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