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7 Signs It's Time to Cut Off That Toxic Friendship

7 Signs It's Time to Cut Off That Toxic Friendship

Friendships just like in any relationship isn’t always destined to last forever unless through mutual hard work and dedication. Relationships can fizzle out when things get tough and when life goes through changes and you’d often be shocked that the person who you regarded as a long time friend became someone you didn’t even know anymore.

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As sad as it is to hear it happens to even the strongest of bonds, and we end up in denial that certain people who helped us out in life in the past bring with them the greatest toxicity to our lives now. So how do you know when it’s time to say goodbye to some friendships that you’re better off without?

They aren’t there for you anymore

There’s nothing wrong with being busy especially when it’s completely valid as friends we should understand that and respect that. However, if you notice that when you make time for them even if you got a lot on your plate and they don’t reciprocate the effort then that’s because you’ve dropped down low on their priority list.

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That isn’t fair and it isn’t right because it’s unhealthy and it’s something that’s cause for alarm to evaluate your friendship with that person.

They talk behind your back

Friends are highly treasured companions and what makes them so special is that they are trustworthy and if they suddenly reveal that they aren’t then are they really real friends? We all get frustrated sometimes and we can’t help but vent it out with someone or just jotting it down but we don’t ever want to hurt anyone by letting out steam, however, if your so-called friend was bad mouthing you deliberately and more than a couple of occasions then them being honest not venting at all.


You feel worse after spending time with them

A real red flag is when you don’t feel happy with them anymore and instead, you find that you’re overall mood just drops after spending some time with them. Your emotions are pure and raw just like your instincts are when they’re telling you that something is wrong then you better listen.


Someone who once brought endless smiles to your face is instead bringing misery and doubts- your heart just isn’t with them anymore.

They have a problem with everything that you do

Friends look out for each other and get real when they think that your actions may bring you misfortune or feel scared for you. What we don’t need in life is 24/7 critics that tell us that we do nothing right and have a problem with everything that we do and want to do. Who needs that negativity?


No one that’s who and if your friend turned into a full-blown critic that nags you all the time then ask yourself if they’re bringing you up or down.

You only have the past in common

The past should be cherished and remembered because they taught us valuable lessons that we carry in the future but if someone in your life has nothing in common with you in the present then how will they help you grow for the future?


Having things in common with someone is what sets off the start of any relationship and when it’s gone then what keeps the relationship going- the past belongs in the past because it won’t do you any good living in a place other than the present and that includes the people we surround yourself with.

They’re constantly lying to you

Breaking trust and not even learning to say sorry for it is a sign that the respect just isn’t there anymore and the cycle of compulsive lying has started for your friend. Nothing is sacred anymore and you’re finding it hard to trust your friend and tell them your problems and secrets.

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If you’re always in doubt of them and their intentions then they aren’t good people to have around you anymore.

They always cancel on you

We all have that flaky friend who says they’re going to do something then ends up backing out and not doing it even if you were counting on them too. It happens and if it happens to you a lot then the problem is clear that your friend is disrespectful of you and chooses to waste your time that you openly give them out of trust that they’ll do good on their word.


Flaking hurts and we can only forgive someone so much before we get tired of their attitude and choose to move on with our lives without them.

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