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5 Easy Tips For DIY Hair Color

5 Easy Tips For DIY Hair Color

You don't have to spend so much on revamping your look by changing your hair color. But before you buy that box of hair color, here are some things you should keep in mind:

You cannot have purple, blue or green (or any bright colors, actually) if your hair isn't bleached.

Extreme color change is not something you can DIY. This takes several processes. Bleaching is something best left to the experts, meaning you need to go to the salon for this.

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If you're coloring your hair for the first time, remember to go no more than two shades lighter or darker.


To find the perfect color for you, find your present color on the shelf then go for the second lighter or darker shade.

Always wear the plastic gloves that come with the box and apply some petroleum jelly on your nape and forehead.

Here's a tip from Good Housekeeping: Apply lip balm to your entire forehead to avoid streaking.


Apply dye at the roots first then comb through the hair to distribute.

Do your hair in sections.


If your hair is colored, you have to avoid shampooing every day.

At the most, do it every other day. Go for a shampoo made for colored/processed hair. Don't forget to condition and apply serums or hair oils.

Even better, we can now DIY our hair color for less than P 500! Thanks to leading health and beauty Watsons, you can go from black to ash brown in less than an hour.

For its #HairGoals campaign, Watsons hopes to introduce a whole new world of color and style options and alternatives for women. With a wide selection of hair products available in-store, Watsons shoppers will find it easy to go for the specific look that they want.

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