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Wonder Women Wednesdays: Local Powerhouse Celebs

Wonder Women Wednesdays: Local Powerhouse Celebs

It's no surprise that Filipinas are now often associated with influence and inspiration. For this week's Wonder Women Wednesdays, we've selected five of our favorite celebrities who we think are definitely worthy to be called Wonder Women.

Ria Atayde

Ria is a fresh face in the Philippine showbiz industry but she has definitely proven her talent in acting. It's no surprise that she's serving tearjerking performances regardless of the role given to her, she most definitely takes from her multi-award winning mom, Sylvia Sanchez. Plus, talent probably runs in the family - Arjo Atayde, her brother proves just that too.

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We are in so much awe and pride watching Ria portray her roles with justice on everyday TV so we're not wondering how she managed to immediately make a name on her own.

But despite her quick rise to stardom, we're even prouder to see Ria keep her feet on the ground.

Angel Locsin

Where do we even begin with Angel Locsin? Awarded as the sexiest woman perhaps several times, a film producer, designer, and philantropist, Angel is the right name for her as she seems to be one sent from heaven.

Angel spreads her wings and blesses mankind with her goodness and she humbly helped the evacuees of the recent craziness in Marawi. Even during the time of Yolanda, Angel was there - giving a helping hand and gracing the people with inspiration and her time.

That and of course, she'll always be our favorite Darna (okay, second fave.. Ate V all the way).

The Summit Express

Solenn Heusaff

This French-Filipina beauty has definitely been a Filipino at heart. I mean, it's no surprise she makes it to our list - we're in love with #SosBolz anyway. But aside from Solenn literally having the perfect Wonder Woman figure, she's got the entire package - smart, talented, and beautiful. 

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She's a painter, an actress, a model, a businesswoman, a writer, a fashion designer, and a makeup artist! Clearly she's super artistic so she makes use of her creativity to produce items which she uses to help charity.

If that's not Wonder Woman material, then we don't know what is.

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Venus Raj

Venus has been criticized by the public eye ever since that major major incident. But as the beauty queen that she is, she rose to the occasion and served major major lewks! She embraced this trademark and kicked off her career from there.

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Though Venus has been given projects here and there since her reign as Miss Universe Philippines in 2010, she has not hesitated to look back and push her success. We swear there were several "YAAAAAS"-es in Upsize town when we knew about how Venus finished her master's degree in Community Development from the University of the Philippines.

Away from the public eye, you'll see Venus putting down her crown, out of the city, and helping those in need. Beauty, brains, and heart!

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Pia Wurtzbach

Queen of everybody's hearts, people all over the world seemed to not want to replace her and make her reign forever! Everybody knows Pia and everybody loved her. Intelligent, beautiful, kind, and true, she's most definitely deserving of her crown.

Her story of failing and trying thrice to finally get the Miss Universe Philippines crown is definitely inspiring. That even her, a gorgeous human being, experiences failure and gets depressed but she never backed down. And we're sure that we're all happy that she did.

She's been an inspiration to many since she's been standing true to her word and principles. Now she is the UNAIDS Asia-Pacific Goodwill Ambassador. Anyone who's trying to replace her definitely have some big shoes to fill!

Who are your favorite local powerhouse celebs? Let us know in the comments below!


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