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Getting to Know More About the Cohen Lifestyle

Getting to Know More About the Cohen Lifestyle

I've always heard of no-rice, juicing, and protein-loading diets but very seldom do I hear about Cohen. All I initially knew about it was that it's some sort of diet where the food you intake are weighed. Other than that, I knew nothing. Until today!

We were privileged to know more about Cohen as we listened to Ms. Regina Chuavon, Director of Cohen's Lifestyle Center.

According to Chuavon, Cohen is not a diet but a lifestyle change.

Founded by Dr. Rami Cohen M.D. F.C.O.G (Wits) S.A, the Cohen Lifestyle is a personalized and rapid weight-loss and wellness program that focuses on proper nutrition and uses food as medicine.

He found out that the cause of obesity is lowered human growth hormones (which are responsible for fat burning), lower serotonin (happy hormones that control cravings), and higher insulin (which controls blood sugar).

The program is never the same for everybody because each unique person is metabolically different. Each client's unique blood profile is used as the basis for an individualized eating plan that recommends the personalized quantities of specific types of food that correct the hormonal imbalances that cause weight gain and obesity.

Though based on blood, Cohen is not a blood type diet nor calorie counting. The program is based on blood chemistry where certain food prescriptions are given to provide a delicate balance of protein and carbs to trigger the body's natural mechanism to burn fat.

What's amazing about this program is that the food prescribed is easily available in the local supermarkets and is most likely available in your kitchen.

There is no need for costly and unsafe procedures, such as injections or pills, because the program delivers fast results, with clients averaging a loss of 8 to 10 pounds a month.

Cohen's Lifestyle Program takes a holistic approach to losing weight. They won't just guide you through but also teach a healthier lifestyle, including cooking and eating habits and the way you look at food.

You don't have to be a chef to be able to prepare healthy, delicious meals. With a little bit of creativity, preparing food and losing weight can be fun!

Plus, being too busy is no longer an excuse to practice this lifestyle! Cohen's Lifestyle Centre has Meals on Wheels that prepare Cohen-compliant gourmet meals ready to be delivered to your doorstep. What a convenient way to live healthy!


Cohen's Lifestyle Centre offers complimentary information sessions. To schedule an appointment, you may call the Makati office at +632 828 5281 or +63917 892 6436.

To know more about Cohen's Lifestyle Program, visit www.CohenLifestyle.com.ph. You can also check out their Facebook and Instagram.

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